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How to clean the electronic cigarette? What should we pay attention to?


More and more people like e-cigarettes. E-cigarettes gradually replace cigarettes. E-smoker can turn liquid nicotine into fog, so as to achieve the feeling of smokers smoking. But after a period of use, the taste will change, but the bottle of oil will also reduce the fog. So let's take a look today How to clean the electronic cigarette?

How to clean e-cigarettes

Cleaning steps:

1. Hold a small bowl of warm water

In addition, use a small amount of alcohol / vinegar / Cola in a bowl (gasoline is the best way to wash grease, but considering that the electronic cigarette directly enters the mouth, it is not recommended to use gasoline); according to the structure of electronic cigarette (here, take the author's super sensitive electronic cigarette as an example), remove the battery rod and put it aside; Disassemble the nozzle, atomization chamber, atomization core, smoke guide pipe, atomization core base and other components, immerse them in warm water for about 10 minutes, then take them out, dry the water on each component with a towel, and change the water again.

2. Clean the cigarette holder, atomization chamber, smoke pipe and atomizer base

Take out the parts from the warm water, hold the cotton ball with tweezers and dip it in the cleaning solution, wipe back on the surface of the parts until the marks on the parts are cleaned, and the smoke smell on the cigarette holder disappears completely shall prevail. Then wash the remaining cleaning solution with water and wipe it clean again. Pay attention not to use too much force to avoid the cotton flower remaining in the thread, resulting in the electronic cigarette can not be assembled tightly.

3. Clean the atomizing core

Clamp the oil guide rope on the atomization core with tweezers (if there is no oil guide rope, it will not be used); slowly pull out the oil guide rope; clamp the cotton with tweezers and dip it in the cleaning solution to the inside of the atomization core and the electric heating wire, carefully wipe it clean, until the surface trace disappears, and there is no smoke, oil or peculiar smell, wash it with water and dry it. Then use cotton to make an oil guide rope, and use tweezers to clamp it into the hair heating wire.

4. With oil guide rope

The electronic cigarette needs to be washed once a half month, and the oil guide rope needs to be replaced. When changing the new flavor of cigarette oil, the electronic cigarette needs to be washed and the oil guide rope needs to be replaced. For the electronic cigarette without oil guide rope, the electronic cigarette needs to be washed once a month.

How to clean electronic cigarette? What should be paid attention to in cleaning

1. It is necessary to wait for the pipe to cool down completely before cleaning. Otherwise, the hot pipe will cause the tongue and tenon of the pipe to loosen or even the pipe handle to crack due to contacting with water liquid, which greatly shortens the service life of the electronic cigarette.

2. It's a good way to use proper cleaning tools, such as activated carbon or tea dregs that have been dried and drunk, to put them into the used pipe to absorb tobacco oil. It must not be cleaned with alcohol or other boiled water, which will damage the smoking rod.

3. After cleaning, do not smoke immediately. Let the electronic cigarette air dry naturally. This kind of electronic cigarette oil cleaning can keep the cigarette rod comfortable and clean without affecting smoking and effect and avoiding damage to the body.

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