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How to deal with the broken skin of electronic cigarette battery


Many people will encounter the broken skin of e-cigarette battery when they use e-cigarettes, and many people will not care at first. After a long time, it will be found that the broken skin of electronic cigarette will cause leakage. So we still have to find a way to solve the problem of e-cigarette skin breaking! Today I will teach you how to put a new layer of "skin" on a broken battery!

Disposable vape battery

1. The first step

Buy some battery skins on the Internet. We tear off the damaged battery skin completely, open the Hulk, and plug the battery into the battery cover!

2. The second step

Let's adjust the battery up and down to make the redundant length of the battery skin almost the same!

Disposable vape battery

3. Step 3

Take out the hot air gun or hair dryer, adjust the mode of blowing out hot air, cover the battery cover and start blowing, it is recommended to blow the negative pole first!

4. Step 4

Continue to blow, blow the positive pole, the battery skin will shrink inward because of the hot air. Remember to hold the small circle on the positive pole of the battery. Here is just a display. You can hold it with your fingernails when blowing. The temperature is not too high. After shrinking, you can close your hands to ensure that the insulation ring is in place!

electronic cigarette battery

5. Step 5

Stand the battery up or put it on the ground and start blowing the side of the battery!

6. Step 6

It's all done, so the battery is completely new!

After completing the above six steps, you will be able to replace your e-cigarette battery with a new one! E-cigarette needs maintenance when it is in use, so you must do a good job in relevant maintenance work to make your e-cigarette use longer!

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