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How to deal with the condensation liquid of electronic atomizer


First of all, explain the reason why the condensate appears, and then we will come up with solutions. Condensate is a small liquid droplet, which will directly become a liquid form and attach to the surface of the object when it is cold. The condensate in electronic smoke is not a normal state of water vapor, but a mixture of air and smoke oil smoke. Its physical characteristics are the same as that of water vapor. There are two kinds of occurrence positions: one is outside the atomizer, the other is inside the atomizer, and the other is at the nozzle of the atomizer.

Atomizer external condensate

This kind of condensate is usually found in the oil drop atomizer and has something to do with the way players use the atomizer. If you like to blow air from the nozzle of the atomizer first, and then pump it, then you will blow out the high-temperature smoke from the air inlet. The high-temperature smoke will form a condensation effect with the metal on the outer wall of the low-temperature atomizer. Or put the atomizer in the emitted smoke, and condensate will be formed in the gap between the outer wall or the base of the atomizer. This kind of condensate will not affect the normal use of the atomizer, so there is no need to worry about it.

Atomizer internal compartment condensate

This kind of condensate appears inside the atomizer and in the inner chamber of the atomizer for three reasons.

Reason 1:

After the hot core erupts the high temperature smoke, it is cold and touches with the metal inside the atomizer, forming a dense "wall hanging" effect inside the atomizer.

Reason 2:

As a result of slight oil explosion, the smoke and oil will splash into the inside of the atomizer cover directly, forming the effect of condensate.

Reason 3:

After smoking a mouthful of smoke, the heating wire and the oil in the atomized cotton whose temperature is still continuing, but at this time, we did not continue to suck so that part of the smoke curled up in the atomizer cabin, and finally collided with the cooled metal to liquefy. There is no need to worry about the condensate caused by the above three conditions, because the internal structure of our atomizer is dome type or vertical, which is far away from our mouth, and there is the barrier of cigarette mouth, so the condensate from the wall will flow down the cabin after accumulating to a certain extent, and will not enter our mouth, and finally contact with cotton, and be absorbed by cotton, Rejoin the cycle. In this case, there is no need to worry about the so-called "short circuit" phenomenon, because in addition to the Ni200. the heating wire used in the electronic smoke will form an insulation layer on the surface after the wire is burnt, and the small water droplets will not have any short circuit impact on it at all. As for Ni200 pure nickel wire, because it is loose, and this grade of small water drop is not enough for fear.

Atomizer nozzle condensate

This kind of condensate is the main obstacle to our perfect experience of the atomizer. The reason is very simple, because after the high temperature smoke flows through the nozzle, because the nozzle is cold, the condensate effect is formed inside the nozzle. And because the water vapor of electronic smoke is mixed with soot, if we inhale the condensate directly, then our mouth will directly eat the smell of soot. That feeling is not good. The solution is mainly from four perspectives.

Reason 1:

Reduce the contact time between the smoke and the cigarette holder, that is to say, when we aspirate, the speed will be faster, so that the time for the smoke to flow through the cigarette holder will be shorter, and then the condensation will be reduced.

Reason 2:

After the ignition key is released, continue to draw or blow two ports to draw or blow away the smoke evaporated by the remaining heating core, so as to avoid the smoke floating in the center and forming condensation at the nozzle.

Reason 3:

If we change the material of a cigarette holder, the condensate is particularly easy to appear on the smooth material. If we change a Teflon cigarette holder or manually polish the interior of the cigarette holder, the interior of the cigarette holder will be filled with potholes, which can reduce the liquidity of the condensate in the cigarette holder and reduce the situation that we inhale the condensate.

Reason 4:

Change the structure of the cigarette holder. This method is simple and rough. As long as your atomizer is the cigarette holder with general interface, it is the most recommended one. It's ok if the condensate appears inside the cigarette holder. As long as we add a circle of barrier at the outlet of the cigarette holder to prevent the condensate from entering our mouth, the condensate in the cigarette holder will accumulate to a certain extent and flow down the smooth cigarette holder directly. The problem will be solved.

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