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How to ensure the safety of electronic cigarette oil?


How to ensure the safety of electronic cigarette oil? Electronic cigarette smoke is also known as electronic cigarette smoke, its main components are organic solvents, aroma substances (edible flavor), nicotine and a small amount of additives. The main organic solvents are 1.2-propanediol (1.2-propanediol) and glycerin (also known as glycerin, glycerol), which usually account for about 90% of the composition of tobacco liquid.

How to ensure the safety of electronic cigarette oil?

Electronic cigarette oil

How to ensure the safety of electronic cigarette oil? There are 17 categories of quality and safety testing items for the crude oil, which can be used in production only after 54 specific indicators are qualified.

1) Nicotine testing according to California 65

2) Determination of four specific nitrosamines according to FDA technical documents

3) Test the harmful substances such as propylene glycol and diethylene glycol in electronic cigarette oil.

4) Heavy metals in electronic cigarette oil determined by the method of heavy metals in USP nicotine

5) Test the microbial content and anti-corrosion efficiency of electronic cigarette according to USP

6) Tra toxicity analysis - EU and us

7) MSDS safety data sheet service of electronic cigarette - safety data sheet is issued according to international standards such as EU 2001 / 58 / EC, 1999 / 45 / EC, 67 / 548 / EEC, regulation (EC) No. 1907 / 2006; US 29 CFR 1910.1200 (g), ISO 11014-1. etc.

8) RoHS directive for export to EU

China: CCC certification, CQC certification, mall quality inspection report, commission report of Ministry of public security of security products, water related approval documents of water related products, ISO9001 certification, ISO14001 certification, TS16949 certification, aviation safety certification of lithium battery, air purifier test

US state: FDA inspection, FDA registration, FCC certification, BQB certification, UL certification, CPSC certification, ASTM certification, California 65 certification, ETL certification, CEC certification, energy star certification

Europe: CE certification ROHS testing reach testing EUP energy efficiency testing TUV certification GS certification SGS certification

Asia: SASO certification PSE certification telec certification KC certification BSMI certification NCC certification bis certification Middle East COC certification

Australia: gems energy efficiency certification, ctick certification, SAA certification, RCM certification

Africa: COC certification of African countries

How to ensure the safety of electronic cigarette oil? To standardize the safety and hygienic standards of various ingredients in the smoke liquid, prohibit the addition of vitamins, caffeine and food colorants, and to determine the safe dosage of all kinds of food flavors. At the same time, the formulation of electronic smoke liquid and the concentration range of various harmful substances in aerosols are specified.

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