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How to look at the development and regulatory trend of electronic cigarette oil products?


Some new tobacco industry experts have exchanged views on electronic cigarette sets, electronic cigarette oil, heating non combustion (HNB), etc. the following content is the summary of guest exchange on the aspect of cigarette oil, which is only for reference and learning.

1. How to treat the regulation of cigarette oil?

At present, the control of cigarette oil is mainly focused on: three documents in the year emphasize nicotine extraction, the concern of relevant enterprises on compliance, and the collection of tax on cigarette oil. In the future, the international market has such a trend and the domestic market also has such expectation. But there will be no more news at this stage.

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There are rumors that the tax rate will be 30%. For e-cigarette enterprises, the tax on cigarette oil has long been expected, which has little impact on the price temporarily. For small cigarettes (with the capacity of less than 2ml), the nicotine content is about 3%. If the tax is only imposed on the cigarette oil, the price is not high.

2: In the United States, the ban on taste electronic cigarettes is relatively serious. Is there such a trend of stricter supervision in China?

There are still expectations of tightening domestic regulation. As a global benchmark, the United States has certain reference significance for the formulation of global policies. Juul is the company with the highest share of flavor e-cigarette market in the United States. The suppression of fruit flavored e-cigarette ban started last year has a certain impact on the valuation of Juul's share price. However, its latest market share has declined from 72% to 58% of the highest point. It can be seen that the decline is not large, and the ban on electronic cigarettes with overall taste will not be very large. More than 90% of the domestic market is flavor e-cigarettes, and tobacco flavor accounts for less than 5%. If the taste e-cigarette is suddenly banned, it may bring certain impact, but it will be slowly adapted in the long term.

3: Is nicotine price / regulation changing now?

There is no more regulation at this stage. Because nicotine at this stage comes from discarded tobacco leaves, as long as it is compliant, you can extract it. At this stage, there is no regulation on e-cigarettes.

4: Why did nicotine prices skyrocket last year?

1. Nicotine is expected to be regulated by China tobacco and no longer sold in the market. 2. Raw materials suddenly tightened, there was no incremental supply for a long time, only stock.

5: What is the price trend of nicotine in the future? If nicotine regulation becomes stricter, are there any other alternatives?

During the two sessions, representatives proposed that the rational use of discarded tobacco leaves would bring opportunities for nicotine supply of e-cigarettes in the future. Even if the ban on nicotine extraction is issued, it can still be obtained by Solanaceae + synthesis. There are all kinds of nicotine in Solanaceae plants, but the content is in the level of one million (one part per million), accounting for a very low proportion.

At the present stage, the synthesis still needs a higher price, and it is mainly aimed at the high-purity nicotine of Medicine (a Swiss nicotine synthesis enterprise mainly aims at pharmaceutical enterprises to do high-purity synthetic nicotine, with high cost). At present, more than 90% of the new domestic tobacco companies are using waste tobacco extraction. Now, all the tobacco planted is about 1-3% nicotine, and the price of nicotine extraction is also very low. There is no need to take other higher price methods to obtain nicotine.

6: Will China Tobacco restrict the supply of nicotine upstream?

The production end produces too much waste tobacco every year. Tobacco can also be obtained from farmers. China Tobacco pays more attention to upstream nicotine enterprises. If we really go to the situation of standardized management, the coping strategies are as follows: 1. Pay attention to low concentration; 2. The way of synthesis is relatively mature. If we manage and control, we will certainly form a route of industrialization in the future. In the future, it is more reasonable to increase taxes.

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