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How to use electronic cigarette to blow out the smoke ring?


Imagine: at a dinner party, you suddenly look up and see a smoke ring rising from the crowd and flying across the room. It's cool, isn't it?

Even if a room is full of people playing with cigarettes, it must be the focus of attention.

In fact, it's not as hard to spit out thick smoke rings and float in the air as you can see.

How to spit out cigarette rings when playing electronic cigarettes?

Hurry to prepare your electronic cigarette equipment. The editor will teach you how to master the enviable skills of electronic cigarette puffing ring.

Skill 1. Use electronic cigarette to spit out ordinary cigarette ring

1. Incomplete inhalation of smoke. Stop the smoke in your throat, not just in your mouth. This needs to be adjusted. It may cause coughing.

2. Curl your tongue in the direction of your throat. Close your mouth and roll up your tongue so that it is as close to the bottom as possible so that the smoke can be ejected from between your lips.

3. Make an "O" shape. At the same time, the lips "Nuo" up, showing the "O" type (like the sound of "woo"). The size of the mouth shape, you feel comfortable. Not too tight, leave some space between your lips. At this time, other people will think you are funny without knowing what you are going to do.

4. Introduce a small amount of smoke. How to do it? The best way to describe it is like when you are choked and make a sound. Your throat is tightened and the air is squeezed out. You will feel pressure, smoke will be spewed out quickly, and your vocal cords will not be used here. If there's any difference between choking and saying it, it's that the voice of the throat is lower here. Try not to breathe, keep your chin still, and push a small amount of air out of your throat. Once you master the technology, it's easy to spit out the cigarette rings. Keep your lips the same when a small amount of air is pushed out of your mouth. The hardest part of the ring is here. Make sure your tongue is at the deepest point in the back of your mouth, where you can hold enough smoke to form a smoke ring, and then exhale enough to let it out.

Skill 2: use electronic cigarette to spit out the cigarette ring and increase the rotation and speed of the cigarette ring

1. When you have mastered the basic technology, you can try to spit out the whirling smoke ring. When you feel smoke leaving your lips, move your tongue forward, but still keep the tip of your tongue down. Don't let the tip of your tongue be higher than your teeth, otherwise it will affect the smoke ring. Think of your tongue as a conveyor belt. At the same time, the chin rises slightly and quickly. The lips are slightly and rapidly contracted inward. This will produce the effect of "convolution" of the smoke ring, help the smoke ring not to spread, and form a very beautiful thick smoke ring.

2. Try to push your tongue forward quickly and your chin forward quickly, which will make your smoke circle move faster and farther. These two movements are the last two movements to push the "O" type cigarette ring out of the mouth. The difference between the two movements and the technique of rotating the cigarette ring is that the chin is moved forward, while the technique of rotating is to move the chin upward. Try to press the tip of the tongue all the way to the gums of the lower front teeth, then push it only in the middle of the tongue. The most difficult part of this ring technique is the movement of the chin. You need to feel it and figure it out. This technique needs a lot of practice, but once you master it, you are a master of smoking circle. You have the ability to make the smoking circle look like it will not stop without interference.

3. Use your lips to influence the distance the smoke ring moves. When you close and open the glottis, if you tighten your lips quickly, the smoke circle will move quickly. Tighten your lips further, and the smoke circle will go faster and farther. However, do not shrink too much or too fast. It's very important to grasp the time. If you contract too fast, the smoke circle will be much smaller than expected.

Skill 3: using electronic cigarette to spit out cigarette ring, a quick method for beginners

1. Tap on the cheek when puffing out the cigarette ring. Although some people think this is "cheating", it can simply and effectively spit out small smoke rings without mastering throat technology. Gather smoke in your mouth, but don't breathe. Make lips into small "O" shape. Use your tongue and mouth to spit out the smoke slowly and steadily, and at the same time, flick or tap your cheeks continuously. Every time you flick your cheek, there will be a mini cigarette ring! You can tap continuously, or you can make a certain space between the two times.

2. Try to push the cigarette ring with your tongue. Basically, only the tongue is used to push the cigarette ring out of the mouth, without "Spitting" at all. Roll your tongue back to your throat and place the tip of your tongue at the bottom of your mouth to create an inverted "U" shape. Use the flat surface of your tongue to push the smoke out of your mouth quickly. This is done by dragging the tip of the tongue to the bottom of the mouth, while keeping the inverted "U" shape intact. The smoke circle produced in this way is relatively small and lasts for a short time, but it is very easy to do.


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