WARNING:This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Is disposable electronic cigarette suitable for novices and girls?


Personal suggestion: if you really want to control the quantity! I smoke relx, and the nicotine content of a cigarette bomb is equivalent to that of two packs of cigarettes. The reason why a cigarette bomb starts to smoke in an average of six to eight days is that my girlfriend gave me a cigarette. My family didn't know that I smoked. Like when I went to the toilet, I took it out and smoked silently, so I didn't smoke any real cigarettes. After all, nicotine is also an addictive drug. My girlfriend works at a table and game bar for nearly one cigarette bomb a day Intake of nicotine You can count on reducing the consumption of tar and so on, but the consumption of nicotine has multiplied and become addictive. So it depends on your willingness to quit smoking. After all, this thing doesn't smoke as hard as real cigarettes. It's easy to choke PS: there seems to be a nine mouthful cigarette in Japan. Smoking nine mouthfuls will remind you that your consumption of nicotine is equivalent to smoking a real cigarette. In order to smoke less, I've started to buy those very good ones Hard to smoke

If people who don't have a history of smoking really don't recommend smoking, after all, the taste is soft and the content of nicotine is large. The essence is very good. Many people do not smoke because they are too angry or too heavy.

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