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Kentucky passed a bill to increase taxes on e-cigarettes from this week


Earlier this year, a Kentucky House Committee approved a bill to raise about $50 million by imposing new excise taxes on tobacco products and increasing existing taxes on tobacco products other than cigarettes, which came into effect last month, vapingpost reported.

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In February last year, state representative Jerry Miller (r-louisville) proposed an amendment to house bill 32, agreeing to reduce the tax increase so that the tax revenue of the state budget is lower than the original commitment of $94 million. Ben Chandler, President of the health Kentucky foundation, believes the tax increase is a step in the right direction because it prevents teenagers from buying these products. "A big tax increase can reduce e-cigarette consumption," he said

"Most of these children are 11 and 12 years old," Chandler added. And they're trying a product with a high nicotine content, made in such a way that it can attract them almost overnight and subject them to lifelong addiction, one of the most intractable addictions on earth. "

Starting this week, a new excise tax on e-cigarettes will increase the price of boxed e-cigarettes by $1.50 per pack, and containers that can be refilled with e-cigarettes will be taxed at 15% of the wholesale price.

Bonnie Hackbarth, head of tomorrow's smoke-free alliance, said research shows that increasing the price of nicotine products will prevent people from using them. "Before the FDA's partial ban on flavored e-cigarettes even started, e-cigarette companies have launched products that exploit one of the loopholes, namely disposable e-cigarettes. The tax will also apply to these products. "

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