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Knowledge about Electronic cigarette battery


Knowledge about Electronic cigarette battery

As the energy and power source of electronic cigarette, battery is a very important part of electronic cigarette. How to better use and save the battery is a crucial part. In order to solve the confusion and convenient use of the vast amount of tobacco oil, I give the relevant information in detail here, and there will be continuous updates later.

1、What is mah?

We often see the mark MAH on the battery, which is the unit of measurement of battery capacity. In fact, it is the total number of electrons in the battery that can be released for external use. The standard unit in physics is the familiar Coulomb. The international standard unit of coulomb is ampere second of current times time:

1mah = 0.001 a * 3600 s = 3.6 A / S = 3.6 Coulomb

We don't need to know much about it until it is a unit of electricity measurement, which can be easily used for measurement and calculation. For example, a 900mAh battery can provide 300mA constant current for three hours.

2、What affects battery life

What is the average battery life of electronic cigarette? The most important thing to answer this question is the manufacturer. Different manufacturers pay different attention to different problems, such as quality, size, etc.

Generally speaking, there are several factors that affect the battery life of e-cigarette, including the battery amperage, atomizer, battery size, battery manufacturer, etc. For example, an Itaste VV V3.0 battery can be charged 250 to 300 times, and it can take two or three days to fully charge each time. In this way, we can use 800 MAH battery for two years. In addition, the life of large battery is longer than that of small battery. Here is a diagram to show the relationship between the battery capacity (MAH) and the average battery life.

For the battery life, in addition to the above hard factors, it is also related to the use and storage conditions. For example, how about the humidity and temperature of the environment in which you store the battery, especially the temperature. Once the storage temperature is too high, the battery will be greatly affected. What's more, do you pay attention to relevant matters when using it.

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