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Louisiana's new rules: medical marijuana policy open; restrictions on the use of electronic cigarettes in cars


In June, the Louisiana state legislature passed new rules to relax the state's access to medical marijuana and tighten regulations on smoking in cars, according to reports.

Restrict the use of electronic cigarettes in vehicles

In terms of medical marijuana, it is understood that doctors can now recommend the medical marijuana substance to any patient or medical condition they consider useful. As a result, any restrictions on the conditions under which doctors recommend marijuana have been lifted.

In addition, state laws have previously banned drivers and passengers from using combustible cigarettes with children in their cars, but the new regulations extend the rule to include electronic cigarettes.

Meanwhile, a federal bill banning U.S. Postal service companies from delivering e-cigarettes has been passed in the Senate and is now being submitted to the house of Representatives. If the bill is passed, section 1253, "preventing the sale of e-cigarettes to children online" will prohibit U.S. Postal service companies from shipping their products, and will force other express delivery services to check their ID cards and obtain adult signatures at the delivery point.

The cost of delivery via FedEx, UPS or DHL is already much higher than that of mail delivery, so in addition to the extra hassle, the signature required for delivery will add to the additional cost.

If the bill goes into effect, the cost of an online shopping could increase by $20. In addition, there are some difficulties in requiring an adult signature, as most deliveries are made during working hours and most of the recipients are at work. In addition, Gregory Conley, President of the American electronic cigarette Association (AVA), points out that signature requirements create unnecessary contact points, which are counterproductive to the current coronavirus's social distance.

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