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Minnesota's new rules: raising the purchase age of traditional and new tobacco to 21


According to vapingpost, in May this year, the legislature passed tobacco 21, which was signed by Governor Tim waltz, bringing Minnesota into line with federal and local tobacco laws.

In December, the federal government raised the tobacco age limit from 18 to 21, says Laura Smith, senior public affairs manager at Clearway, a Minnesota nonprofit. To this end, Minnesota legislators hope that implementing the same law across the state will eliminate confusion among retailers.

Senator Carla Nelson (r-rochester), a longtime advocate of raising age limits, said the main goal of the new legislation is to prevent young people from smoking and popular e-cigarette addiction.

At the same time, experts have different opinions on the implementation of the tobacco age limit. With Senator Nelson( Sen.Nelson )When discussing such legislation in 2017, Richard J. thone, a health official at Jackson County Health Bureau, once believed that since 95% of smokers started smoking before the age of 21, such an age limit makes sense, because the earlier a person starts smoking, the more difficult it is for them to control the habit.

On the other hand, Lindsey Stroud, a state government relations manager at the heartland Institute, rightly points out that the illegality of other substances does not stop teenagers from consuming. On the contrary, it only forces them to obtain the substances illegally, sometimes from the black market, where there is no regulation and may be unsafe.

On the other hand, Minnesota's health department has recently alerted health care providers across the state about new suspected new electronic atomization cases (evali). Because the symptoms of evali are similar to those of covid-19, the diagnosis of evali is more complicated. For this reason, anyone seeking treatment for symptoms including cough and shortness of breath should first be tested for the virus.

Dr. ruthlyn field, a state epidemiologist and medical director, said the cases, which range in age from 14 to 46, reported a history of e-cigarette use, mainly involving THC. She added that, as in last year's case, she suspected that illegal thc products were playing a major role.

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