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Myanmar to ban e-cigarettes and hookah experts: consumers will be forced to turn to the black market


According to foreign reports, the Myanmar government has recently approved a total ban on e-cigarettes. According to the report, five months after San Shwe win, a doctor in yergi, Irrawaddy, proposed a bill banning electronic cigarettes and hookahs, the bill was approved by the cabinet and unanimously supported by the house of Representatives.

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"Today, in most bars, nightclubs, karaoke clubs and other modern teahouses, restaurants and shops in Myanmar, e-cigarettes and hookahs are easily available, regardless of age and gender. It's becoming more popular, which is a threat to all young people, "San Shwe win said at a government conference.

It is reported that since around 2017, e-cigarettes have been publicized as a means of quitting smoking in Myanmar, which has become very popular. E-cigarette shops are everywhere, and electronic cigarette pens have become fashionable accessories.

Experts now say consumers will be forced to turn to the black market, or buy flammable cigarettes again.

Last month, Myanmar's Customs Department applied to approve the import of e-cigarettes, but it was rejected by the Ministry of health and sports.

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