WARNING:This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

NNA: in addition to e-cigarettes, other nicotine substitutes can also help reduce smoking rates


Recently, the British New nicotine Alliance (NNA) pointed out that for smokers who want to quit smoking or reduce harm, there are other safer nicotine alternatives to consider in addition to e-cigarettes.

"The public generally has a keen understanding of e-cigarettes, and the principle of reducing tobacco hazards is increasingly recognized. However, many people will not realize that there are many nicotine products that are safer than smoking. "

UK New Nicotine Alliance

Among a range of safer nicotine products, the new nicotine alliance referred to snus, pointing out that snus is banned throughout the European Union (EU) except Sweden.

It is reported that the Scandinavian country now has the lowest smoking rate in Europe due to the exemption of the product. The National Tobacco Association added that new smokeless snuff products have now been introduced into the UK and other markets.

In addition, the new nicotine Alliance said that thermal non combustible tobacco products (hnbs / HTP) should also be considered. Studies have shown that the safety of thermal non combustible tobacco products is not as good as that of smokers, but it is still far safer than ordinary cigarettes. Data from Japan show that in less than three years, smoking in Japan has fallen by a third.

At the webinar, the national tobacco administration discussed the possible effects of these different products on smokers who want to reduce the risk of nicotine consumption. It asked consumers to share their experiences with these new products and to analyze how they could be integrated into the UK government's tobacco control program, "which promises to maximize the availability of innovative nicotine products to attract smokers away from flammable tobacco."

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