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Opponents of California's flavoring e-cigarette ban propose a referendum on the policy


Opponents of California's recent ban on flavored e-cigarettes are trying to hold a referendum on the measure, the Los Angeles Times reported.

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If the referendum qualifies for 623212 signatures, the sales ban will be suspended until voters have a chance to vote on the issue in 2022.

A new political group called the California fair alliance is holding a referendum. "We agree that young people should never have access to any tobacco products, but to achieve this goal, it is not necessary to completely ban tobacco products that thousands of adults choose to use," the group wrote in a statement. This law is too broad and unfair, especially because legislators have excluded hookah, expensive cigars and flavored pipe tobacco from the ban. "

The bill's author, state senator Jerry hill, has denounced plans to seek a referendum.

"California fought and won against the tobacco giants," hill was quoted as saying. This shameless industry is a huge loser, it is merciless. It wants to continue to be addictive with candy, fruit, mint and menthol flavors. Big tobacco companies don't have enough nicotine addicted adults. They need our children

The bill was signed into law by California governor Gavin Newson on August 28. From January 1, 2021, the state banned the sale of tobacco and steam flavors, including menthol. The law does not make it illegal for someone to buy, own or use oriental tobacco or steam products.

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