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Six factors influencing the taste of electronic cigarette


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1. Choose the right number of turns

Have you got six factors that affect the taste of e-cigarettes?

According to the electrode structure of the atomizer, the winding resistance wire can be divided into forward winding and reverse winding. We will not discuss these problems today, but just talk about the number of turns. We usually use the data of 5, 6, 7 and 8 circles for use, and there are also loose winding and dense winding. Loose wrap will make the taste lighter, dense wrap will make the smoke more dense. If the taste is not satisfied, the circle diameter will be adjusted to the appropriate resistance value before use.

In the case of the same coil diameter, the resistance will increase with the increase of the number of coils. Another feature of increasing the number of turns is that the heating area will become larger, the consumption of cigarette oil will increase, and the concentration of smoke will also increase. I usually use 6-8-turn tight wound RTA oil atomizer to pump RDA oil drop atomizer.

The more circles, the slower the heating speed will be, but the heat will be more balanced, and the taste will be more delicate. First of all, you need to determine whether you want high resistance or low resistance. Generally speaking, low resistance is to play with big smoke, and high resistance is to smoke the taste.

Low resistance can appropriately reduce the coil diameter, increase the thickness of the heating wire, and reduce the number of coils. The high resistance can increase its heating area by increasing its number of circles according to the circle diameter of 2.5, so as to achieve the purpose of more uniform smoke and more comfortable taste.

2. Proper resistance

Have you got six factors that affect the taste of e-cigarettes?

The resistance is the value of Ω, which is a combination of the three parts of the coil diameter, the number of turns and the wire diameter. The larger the resistance, the smaller the output power required, the smaller the resistance, the greater the output power required, and the faster the power consumption.

The question you often ask is, how much W is suitable for my atomizer or resistance? Generally speaking, it is OK to directly look at the voltage. If the voltage is controlled between 3.4v-4.2v, the core will not be pasted, and the taste is also relatively moderate. If it's double, it's about half of the data. For example, if the resistance wire is 0.53 Ω, then the data of the double engine is 0.26 Ω.

3. Selection of atomizer

Have you got six factors that affect the taste of e-cigarettes?

The flavor of the same atomizer is different, and the atomization effect of the atomizer is different, so the flavor is also different. The appropriate battery and the appropriate atomizer should be selected to give full play to the effect of the atomizer. It is recommended to choose a relatively high-quality atomizer when it is enough to buy one, so as to have a better experience. Atomizer should check and replace atomizing core or heating wire frequently.

4. Insufficient temperature of atomizing core

Have you got six factors that affect the taste of e-cigarettes?

Coil is the heating element of atomizing core. Different materials, specifications and winding diameters of coil can produce different heat. The flavors contained in tobacco oil will be very different at different temperatures. A reasonable choice of atomizing core or coil can restore the flavor of tobacco essence to a better taste experience.

5. Output power

Have you got six factors that affect the taste of e-cigarettes?

As we all know, adjusting the output power of the electronic cigarette host will change the taste performance of the electronic cigarette. In fact, the size of the output power directly affects the heat quantity of the atomizing core and the speed of the heating speed of the coil, and then has an effect on the flavor of the tobacco flavor. Patiently adjust the output power of the host and select the appropriate output power can significantly improve the taste performance of electronic cigarettes.

In conclusion, to ensure the excellent taste of e-cigarettes, users need to use appropriate atomizer and coil to match their own favorite cigarette oil, and adjust the output power and intake of atomizer reasonably. A small operation and change of electronic cigarette host or atomizer will have a certain impact on the taste of electronic cigarette. Find out the rules about the influence of power, air intake, coil and other factors on the taste, which can ensure to quickly find the most suitable data of a certain type of cigarette oil, so that the electronic cigarette in hand can play an excellent taste experience.

6. Portable small smoke

Have you got six factors that affect the taste of e-cigarettes?

The above points are all the situations that the steam atomizer will encounter. Here is how to adjust the taste of the changed / poor small smoke.

1. Change the smoke bomb

2. Large mouth suction or small mouth suction

3. Try a new brand

4. Try alternating with ordinary cigarettes instead of always smoking a brand

5. Heavy taste things not eaten before smoking electronic cigarettes, durian, fruit sugar, areca, etc

The taste of e-cigarettes has changed. We need to be patient to find out the problems and debug and solve them step by step.

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