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South Africa's new rules: ban the sale of tobacco products and e-cigarette related products and allow export


According to vapingpost, South African authorities banned the sale of tobacco products and electronic equipment on March 27 as part of a response to covid-19. As the restrictions began to ease, South African authorities announced in April that they would allow cigarette sales to resume from May 1, but the decision was reconsidered at a later date.

Nicotine Salt Mini Electronic Cigarette

Nicotine Salt Mini Electronic Cigarette

However, on July 12, South Africa announced more restrictions on tobacco products and e-cigarettes.

The ban on the sale of tobacco products and alcohol, announced in March, unfortunately includes safer alternatives, such as e-cigarettes and snuffs. Naturally, this has angered many public health experts and e-cigarette advocates. Asanda gcoyi, chief executive of the South African steam Products Association (vpasa), reiterated that treating cigarettes and safer alternatives in the same way could pose serious problems.

E-cigarettes are not cigarettes. They are two different things. Nicotine is found in both aerosols and cigarettes, but there is no tar in e-cigarettes, which is a lethal factor.

In addition, consistent with the views of international health experts, gcoyi added that another issue of concern is that e-cigarette users start smoking again or buy e-cigarettes on the black market. "My other concern is the illegal market. People are buying e-cigarette liquids from unknown stores. I heard that they are sold in spaza stores. Some people say that people mix juice at home, which is very dangerous because they are just mixing things and the environment is not good. "

Sadly, that's exactly what happened. A recent study by the University of Cape Town has confirmed these predictions. Economists corne van Walbeek, Samantha filby and Kirsten van der Zee surveyed more than 16000 people to see how they were affected by the tobacco ban.

"Our findings suggest that efforts to ban cigarette sales should have been made," the researchers report. Although the original intention of the ban is to support public health, its current disadvantages may far outweigh its benefits. Despite the blockade, smokers are still buying cigarettes in large quantities, and substandard brands are becoming common. "

Article 45 sales of electronic cigarettes are prohibited

Despite these findings, South Africa adopted more than a dozen new regulations as part of the New Disaster Management Act regulations on Sunday, July 12, last week. This includes regulation No. 45, which bans the use of tobacco and aerosol products.

"Prohibit the sale of tobacco, tobacco products, e-cigarettes and related products to the public and individuals, including retailers selling directly to the public; allow the sale of tobacco, tobacco products, e-cigarettes and related products for export; allow farmers to sell tobacco to local processors or local manufacturers, and allow processors to sell tobacco to manufacturers," the regulation said.

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