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Tea Cigarette is tea or Cigarette?


After e-cigarettes, a new type of "tobacco" - tea smoke is becoming more and more popular. But whether tea and tobacco are food or tobacco, whether they can be sold through the Internet, whether there is a risk of contact with minors, and which department should supervise them, a series of questions have no answers, leading to management problems.

heat not burn tea cigarettes

Heat Not Nurn Tea Cigarette

The so-called tea smoke is to smoke tea as tobacco. Some "tea smoke" products claim to add tea, chrysanthemum, rose, honey, mint and other substances, which have the taste of traditional cigarettes, but do not contain nicotine, and have the effects of "replacing cigarettes" and "quitting smoking". As a result, the "health cigarettes" are regarded as "health cigarettes". The cheap ones cost 35 yuan, while the expensive ones cost 50 yuan or 60 yuan.

Although there is no nicotine in tea smoke, many products contain tar. Not long ago, the Shanghai advertising monitoring center under the Shanghai Municipal Bureau of market supervision paid attention to the problem of tea and tobacco, and found that the tar content of some products was higher than that of traditional tobacco, and its "health" gimmick was broken. "From the perspective of advertising law, it has been suspected of false misleading consumers."

Tea smoke has appeared for some time. Many years ago, some businesses launched a "Pu'er tea smoke", which can not only tear off the wrapping paper and use the traditional brewing method to drink, but also directly ignite and smoke, causing disputes among all parties. Industry insiders doubt that this is a useless move to turn "fragrant flowers" into "poisonous weeds". "The cultural symbol of making non-smoking products into cigarettes is to guide and encourage people to smoke, especially some teenagers.". In fact, in 2014, some media reported that a 16-year-old high school student in Xi'an was hiding in the toilet to smoke tea, which caused parents' concern. Nowadays, in some online stores with high sales volume, tea cigarettes can sell more than 10000 copies a month.

Experts say that no matter how healthy things are ignited and inhaled into the lungs, their smoke particles will be harmful to health. However, tea and tobacco are still in the blank area of supervision. In China, tea and tobacco are neither food nor tobacco products. There is no corresponding national standard to regulate their production, but "harmless and healthy" as the selling point to attract consumers. It has to be said that this reflects the embarrassing reality of lagging supervision.

The "cold fireworks" which became popular before the Spring Festival is also like this. For a long time, it is also in the gray area of supervision. It uses "no harm" and "simulation fireworks" as gimmicks to break through the "Prohibition" regulations and attract consumers to buy. Cold light fireworks cover people's eyes and ears again, still belong to inflammable and explosive dangerous goods. When burning, the temperature can reach more than 700 degrees, which is easy to ignite combustibles and cause fire. To this end, the emergency management department clearly defines its nature as fireworks and firecrackers, and requires strong supervision and rectification, especially for the illegal sale of cold light fireworks on the Internet, so as to effectively eliminate the regulatory blind area and plug the potential loopholes in public security.

In the same way, tea and tobacco can not be allowed to be free in the name of tea. Tea is smoke, so there must be a clear statement. Only when there are rules, can the production and sales be regulated, which not only protects the interests of consumers, the healthy growth of teenagers, but also protects the interests of producers, so as to avoid the situation of mixed up.

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