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The first ticket of e-cigarette store highlights the upgrading of tobacco control


According to media reports, on the afternoon of July 21, the law enforcement officers of Nanshan Supervision Bureau of Shenzhen market supervision administration of Guangdong Province delivered an administrative penalty decision to the person in charge of a brand e-cigarette store on the second floor of tianliming City, with a fine of 2000 yuan, which was the first "ticket" in the national e-cigarette market. The ticket marked the change from traditional tobacco products to new tobacco products such as electronic cigarettes Tobacco control has been strengthened and the protection of teenagers has been strengthened.

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Article 13 of the regulations of the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone on the control of smoking stipulates that tobacco product sellers shall set up signs at conspicuous places in their tobacco selling places that smoking is harmful to health and that it is prohibited to sell tobacco products to minors. Article 39 provides that those who violate the provisions of the first paragraph of Article 13 of these Regulations shall be ordered by the market supervision and administration department to make corrections within a time limit and be fined 2000 yuan; those who fail to make corrections within the time limit shall be fined 10000 yuan. In a brand e-cigarette store on the second floor of Tianli Mingcheng, some staff members and citizens smoked e-cigarettes, and no obvious no smoking signs were found in the store, and they were fined 2000 yuan. The facts are clear and the handling is appropriate, which is reasonable and reasonable.

The biggest highlight of this ticket is that it is the "first ticket in the electronic market" in China, which marks that the control of new tobacco products such as electronic cigarettes has been included in the same category as traditional tobacco products, achieving full coverage and no omission at the regulatory level, and also marks the upgrading of tobacco control.

For a long time, businesses have been promoting e-cigarettes without harmful ingredients such as tar and suspended particulates, which has misled consumers. In addition, the confusion of e-cigarette as a new thing, the concept of "green" is also easily welcomed by the public, which conceals the real harmfulness of e-cigarette. In fact, the main components of electronic cigarette smoke are nicotine, all kinds of spices (various flavors), volatiles (smog) and so on. Nicotine is addictive, while solvents and flavors also contain other substances that are harmful to the body. Long-term smoking may cause accidental poisoning and injury. The World Health Organization has made a special study on e-cigarette, and has drawn a clear conclusion: e-cigarette is harmful to public health. E-cigarette is not a means of quitting smoking. We must strengthen the control to prevent it from harming teenagers and non-smokers.

As a new type of tobacco products, e-cigarette has a certain fuzzy space in the standard and a certain blind area in the supervision. As the focus of supervision is mainly on traditional tobacco products, and the e-cigarette is not taken as the regulatory object in time because of its environmental protection coat, e-cigarette and other new tobacco products have witnessed a blowout growth, but have not been effectively controlled, and even become an "exception" in the tobacco control system. As a tobacco product seller, e-cigarette stores fail to "set up signs that smoking is harmful to health and prohibit the sale of tobacco products to minors" in the obvious position of the tobacco selling places. On the one hand, it shows that the regulations have not attracted enough attention of relevant responsibility subjects, and there are still some problems in the implementation of corresponding responsibilities; On the other hand, it shows that in the daily supervision, there is a lack of more mandatory restraint mechanism, and there is no reciprocal effect on the subject responsibility.

From the overall practice point of view, in order to continuously improve and consolidate the achievements of tobacco control, we must achieve all-round, full coverage and full caliber of supervision. Under the premise of ensuring that there is no omission of the regulatory objects, the attitude of "zero tolerance" can improve the initiative of the main body to perform the responsibility, make the legal obligations truly implemented, and make all kinds of tobacco control measures implemented. Setting up corresponding signs and slogans in public places can effectively curb smoking impulse, which is not only an effective measure to fulfill the responsibility of smoking control, but also a necessary means to satisfy the public's right to know and to conduct effective persuasion.

On October 1, 2019, the revised "Regulations on smoking control in Shenzhen Special Economic Zone" was formally implemented. Article 44 of the revised Regulations stipulates that "smoking refers to the use of electronic cigarettes, holding of ignited or heated non combustible tobacco products." This means that Shenzhen will bring e-cigarette into the scope of tobacco control and add e-cigarette logo to the original tobacco control label, which is the first in China. Today, the first ticket issued to e-cigarette stores in China has released strict information, marking the further upgrading of tobacco control, and the effect is worth looking forward to.

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