Mistaking e-cigarettes for real cigarettes always thinks that there are the same electronic cigarettes as real cigarettes.A: This problem is very general, and it is a problem encountered by almost every e-cigarette user. 

WARNING:This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Electronic cigarette oil, three common problems just after contact with cigarette oil


Mistaking e-cigarettes for real cigarettes always thinks that there are the same electronic cigarettes as real cigarettes.

A: This problem is very general, and it is a problem encountered by almost every e-cigarette user. Including the author himself, when he first came into contact with e-cigarettes, he was also full of anticipation for these "real smoke" flavored oils. The final result is of course "fighting and losing." I bought a brand of real smoke flavor, opened it immediately after receiving it, and added an atomizer, hoping to extract the mellow taste and familiar taste. As a result, he was disappointed after taking a few bites, so he thought that this family was unreliable and continued to look for the next one. In the end, I tried many brands of real cigarette smoke oil. In the end, the author completely understood that there is currently no 1: 1 smoke oil that can achieve the true tobacco taste.

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Why? The author also started this knowledge about evil supplement e-cigarettes with this question. First of all, the smoke of e-cigarettes is different from that of traditional tobacco. Traditional tobacco emits smoke through combustion, while electronic cigarettes supply power to the heating wire through a battery, heating the smoke oil absorbed by the oil-guiding material in the heating wire to generate mist. Because there is no open flame, no tar and other substances, it is difficult to achieve the same taste as real smoke.

With the development of e-cigarette technology, many brands of cigarette oil have increased the development of tobacco. Although the taste is not bad, but because of the essential difference in the way of generating smoke, it still cannot reach 100%. Although there are a lot of tobacco-flavored oils on the market, even wooden mouthpieces are designed to simulate the burning feeling of plants, but they are more similar to the "outside smoke" taste, which is still very different from the "national smoke" that people are used to. of. Therefore, it is recommended that newcomers and friends start with smoke oils such as fruits and desserts. After you have adjusted, the taste of electronic cigarette smoke oil is also unmatched by real smoke.

Novice blind spot: I do n’t know how long it takes to smoke the smoke oil every time, I do n’t know if the smoke oil will deteriorate, and I ca n’t determine how much oil I should smoke every day.

A: The volume of the oil bin is different depending on the atomizer. The volume of the common oil tank of atomizer is: 1.8ml, 2ml, 2.5ml, 3ml, 3.5ml. Depending on the frequency of use of the user, the time consumed is also different. Some people can use 2ml for 2 days, some people can only use 1 day, there is no specific standard. The atomizer should be used up as soon as possible after adding smoke oil. If there is smoke oil in the warehouse for a long time, the atomizer is easy to leak oil. Therefore, do not store e-liquid in a nebulizer that has been stored for a long time and not used.

Cigarette oil has a shelf life, although most cigarette oils are not stated on the label. The e-liquid after opening is usually used within half a year and one year. Although it has not been found that the long-term storage of e-liquid will deteriorate after opening, but the taste will be lighter and worse, so please use the e-liquid that has been opened as soon as possible.

"Fuel consumption" also varies according to the user's equipment and frequency of use. For example, when using a small smoke-type finished atomizer, some people can use 2ml of cigarette oil for one day, and after replacing the RBA atomizer in the later period, it is found that 2ml can only be used for half a day, so the fuel consumption is related to the equipment. Under normal circumstances, the fuel consumption of the large smoke atomizer is higher than the oil storage RBA atomizer, and the RBA is higher than the small smoke finished atomizer. Players who use RBA atomizers generally have a daily fuel consumption of around 5ml-10ml, and a daily fuel consumption of around 6ml depending on the frequency of use.

After smoking an e-cigarette for a period of time, it was found that the smoked cigarette oil had no taste, and it was mistakenly thought that the e-cigarette caused damage to taste buds.

A: This phenomenon is universal and the question is more interesting. The vast majority of people who use e-cigarettes, including the author himself, have also experienced this. As XX Jun said, after stopping smoking cigarettes, people's sense of taste should be restored and become more sensitive, so why does this happen? At present, there are no relevant research results in the medical community. The author has used his own experience and many other electronic Tobacco users' experience to answer.

Using e-cigarettes will cause "smoke oil tastes lighter", "poor taste", and even feels lighter with a dripping oil atomizer. This phenomenon is very common in the early days of using electronic cigarettes. Some people say it is "taste fatigue", and using the same cigarette oil for a long time makes the taste numb. The author believes that although this argument has some truth, it is not comprehensive. Because during this period, even if other flavors and brands of cigarette oil are replaced, it will still feel light. Judging from the author's own experience, this is actually the stage of taste adjustment. Once this phenomenon disappears, then your taste will become more sensitive.

This phenomenon varies from person to person, and it appears periodically. Some people only appear once, and some people appear three times. So far, the author has appeared 3 times in 3 years. I was also puzzled when it first appeared. I changed the atomizing core, the smoke oil, and even used dripping oil, I still felt no taste. They are usually very delicious e-liquids, but during that time they “taste like chewing wax”, which made the author distressed and even wanted to “get out of the pit”. But inadvertently after 3 days, I found that I could taste the taste of smoke oil again, and I could taste more details in the smoke oil than before. Afterwards, the author has experienced two more “failure” of taste, the longest one lasted 7 days. After each recovery, I can feel more resolution of the details of the smoke oil. So you do n’t have to worry about this temporary “failure”, which is also the process of taste adjustment. When you recover, you will find that your taste has gone up to a higher level.

However, during the "failure" period, there is a lot less fun in Vape, so we suggest that during this period, you can find those flavors of cigarette oil that have been idle and disliked before, and mix with some VG (vegetable glycerin) to match the oil drop Smoke atomizer to use, this will help you through the difficult phase. This period of time also varies from person to person, maybe your sense of taste can be restored tomorrow.

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