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What about Electronic smoke frying oil? How to deal with it?


Many people will encounter the phenomenon of "frying oil" in the process of using electronic cigarette, especially the novices who have just come into contact with electronic cigarettes feel extremely upset. Under what circumstances will the phenomenon of "oil explosion" occur? It turns out that the structural relationship between the frying oil and the atomizer is not very large, which is usually caused by the following situations:

Electronic cigarette cotton


A lot of the frying oil is about cotton. We make perfect coils. Why there will be fried oil in use? Maybe it's because we wear less cotton. When we wear it, we clearly fill the coil. However, due to the shrinkage of cotton, after the cotton is wetted by tobacco oil, the cotton will become thinner, so it can't fill the coil. If the cotton in the middle of the coil is not satisfied, it will cause frying oil, that is, the heat is not even enough.

electronic cigarette power


There is an inevitable relationship between the explosion oil and the power. For example, the resistance of low power we use is 0.5 Ω. Normally, when we push it to about 30W, the atomization is relatively complete. But if we use 20W or 15W, the power is insufficient, which will slow down the heating speed, and the oil root can not be atomized sufficiently and quickly, so the explosion oil will occur. The same with high power The sample will cause oil explosion.

Electronic cigarette Temperature control

Temperature control

Temperature control is also more likely to cause oil explosion. This is inevitable, because the temperature control needs to be raised instantaneously, which belongs to the explosion point output, and the phenomenon of oil explosion will also occur. In addition, the loose winding used in the temperature control Ni200 is easier to occur oil explosion than the tight winding.

Electronic cigarette oil

Electronic cigarette oil

The proportion of VG and PG, 5vg: 5pg, 6vg: 4pg and so on. Among them, the proportion of VG: 6PG that is easy to explode is 4vg: 6PG, which is the commonly used proportion of Malaysia's tobacco oil. That is to say, if the tobacco oil is not thick enough, it will also explode. If Malaysia's tobacco oil is used well, you will not see this phenomenon. However, sometimes the proportion of fried oil and your tobacco oil is also related.

Electronic smoke heating wire

Fancy fever

Why is fancy heating silk easy to fry? Let's simply say that because the fancy heating wire needs more heating wire than the normal heating wire under the same resistance condition, the power of heating wire can't meet the output power on Clapton. The phenomenon of oil explosion will also appear, which is to solve the problem of oil explosion as long as the regulating power is increased.

Other information

If all of the above can be met, you will still have oil explosion. Another possibility is that your bottle of oil is opened too long, the fusion degree of oil and air is too high, and oil explosion will also occur. The atomizer we use, oil drop storage, are the same. After use, there is still tobacco oil on the cotton, which will be left idle for another two days when it is used.

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