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What does sealebia tell you about electronic cigarette oil cotton?


What are the electronic cigarette oil cotton? Now there are many kinds of "cotton" on the market, from a few cents a package of "medical absorbent cotton" to dozens of pieces of fiber cotton, or even hundreds of VCC, many people are not clear, what is the difference between these cotton except for the different price?

electronic cigarette oil cotton

1. Medical absorbent cotton

Medical absorbent cotton is the main sanitary material used in the medical industry for wound dressing, protection, cleaning and other purposes. This kind of cotton has been used by many people when they first touch the electronic cigarette. The advantage is that it is cheap, fifty cents and one bag. It can be used for a long time and easy to buy. The disadvantage is that if you don't wash your hands when wearing cotton, or don't dry and burn them in place, it is easy to produce "peculiar smell" and "rust smell".

In short distance, the fiber of medical absorbent cotton is still relatively coarse, with poor flexibility, that is to say, the fiber is very irregular. On the whole, the fiber arrangement is relatively loose, also known as "fluffy". Degreased cotton is also the whitest of the five types of cotton after bleaching treatment, and there is no impurity in the cotton fiber, which is very clean.

2. Pill three organic cotton

Maruyama organic cotton is also an organic cotton from Japan. Actually, there are not many male players who know Maruyama. Because the main use of organic cotton is for women to make up, so the general female players know more. The advantage is that the price is relatively cheap. The front MUJI products are about 140 pieces at an average price of 30 yuan, while pill 3 is 200 pieces at an average price of 40 yuan! It seems to be more in quantity, but compared with Muji and JiangYuanDao, pill three is smaller in size and thinner in thickness. Because it is also organic cotton, the appearance color of pill three is also darker, and impurities are mixed in the fiber.

The fiber arrangement of pill 3 is also very neat, which is smaller than that of Muji good products. As the overall thickness of the cotton chip is relatively thin, so the fiber density is smaller than that of the Muji.

3. JiangYuanDao organic cotton

"Jiang Yuandao". The average price of 80 pieces of the whole package is about 80. but usually there are very few sold in the whole package. Most online stores sell at the price of 2-1 yuan and 1 piece. It has the advantages of fast oil transfer, large oil storage, high temperature resistance and good reduction of the taste of the oil.

JiangYuanDao organic cotton chip is the same size as Muji, and it is the darkest of the three types of organic cotton. Fiber alignment is also the best one. The fiber is fine and the direction is consistent. Jiang Yuandao, which is also organic cotton, also has cottonseed shells inside. In fact, the biggest advantage of organic cotton is that the production of cotton chips is very regular. Users only need to cut a small strip according to the circle diameter of the heating wire, and then they can use it directly without "twisting" to avoid peculiar smell, which is very convenient.

4. MUJI organic cotton

MUJI organic cotton is also a substitute for "safe" and "non-toxic". "Organic cotton" is safe and reassuring, and the price is relatively cheap. The average price of the whole package is about 30 yuan, 140 pieces.

In appearance, the overall whiteness is much blacker than that of absorbent cotton, and there are black impurities inside the fiber, which are actually cotton seed shells. Due to the need to meet the "organic cotton" standard, there is no bleaching and impurity removal treatment like degreasing cotton. The fiber is finer than the absorbent cotton, and its flexibility is very good. The fiber arrangement direction is uniform, and the arrangement is relatively close. In unit volume, the number of fibers of this kind of organic cotton is more than that of degreasing cotton.

5. FF French geek (monster, monster) fiber cotton

First of all, fiber cotton is not the "cotton" cotton in the traditional sense. Although it is called fiber cotton, it just looks like cotton in appearance. In fact, it is a special superfine polyester chemical fiber material. That is to say, this kind of fiber cotton is not grown in the land, but produced in the factory.

Fiber cotton is a kind of fiber cotton specially used in electronic cigarette oil guide. Ordinary fiber cotton is a chemical fiber product, which may melt and burn at high temperature, releasing toxic and harmful substances. Therefore, fiber cotton from quilt and doll is forbidden to be used in electronic cigarettes. If there is no cotton or express delivery is still on the way, it's reliable to go to the drugstore to buy some absorbent cotton for emergency use! Remember!

Pilot speed test:

First place: strange fiber cotton; second place: Jiang Yuandao organic cotton; third place: Wan San organic cotton; fourth place: Muji good organic cotton; fifth place: medical absorbent cotton.

Oil storage rate test:

First place: Muji organic cotton; second place: JiangYuanDao organic cotton; third place: Marsan organic cotton; fourth place: Guicai fiber cotton; fifth place: medical absorbent cotton.

High temperature test:

First place: Marsan organic cotton; second place: Muji good organic cotton; third place: JiangYuanDao organic cotton; fourth place: Guicai fiber cotton; fifth place: medical absorbent cotton.

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