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What are the new trends in the development of new tobacco industry?


A few days ago, Tianfeng securities made an analysis report on many new tobacco companies participating in the iecie Shenzhen e-cigarette exhibition in 2020, and focused on the new trends in the current new tobacco industry. The following is the full text:

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Core ideas

The number of China tobacco industry companies with HNB products continues to increase. Based on the original Sichuan China tobacco (Kungfu), Yunnan China tobacco (MC), Guangdong China tobacco (mu + & ing), Heilongjiang China tobacco (KOKEN & lopato) and Hubei China tobacco (Mok & COO), Henan China tobacco and Jiangxi China tobacco also appeared in this iecie exhibition. Among them: 1) Henan Zhongyan was displayed at the Elio & vnb Xiniu booth, and the latter was the HNB cigarette set brand and atomization electronic cigarette brand of Shenzhen Yuyan Industrial Co., Ltd. Yuyan is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the R & D, manufacturing and sales of new tobacco products such as HNB, atomized electronic cigarette and other peripheral products. It has more than 50 technical R & D personnel and its own production base of more than 3000 square meters, and has branches in Hong Kong. According to the company's official website, the company's existing technology and product patents

Over 100 items. Our report "grassroots research of new tobacco industry II: how domestic enterprises seize the opportunity in HNB field" issued on March 18, 2020? 》The company has been introduced in detail in China; 2) Jiangxi China Tobacco Co., Ltd. was displayed at ibuddy booth, which is a brand of Shenzhen bodi Technology Development Co., Ltd. Bodi is one of the earliest electronic cigarette manufacturers in China, which integrates research, production and marketing. It has two production parks, with a total area of more than 60000 square meters, 61 R & D personnel, 83 quality control personnel, and more than 800 production personnel, with an annual output of 36 million sets / piece. The company is also the only one in the industry with its own mold workshop, all plastic parts are produced by the company itself. In the field of HNB, the company first created HNB needle type heater, and has independent intellectual property rights.

Low temperature herbage industry is quietly rising, or new direction of new tobacco products following atomized electronic cigarette and HNB. There are many large-scale industry discussion forums in this iecie exhibition, including the seminar on low-temperature herbage industry. It can be seen that the rapid development of the industry has attracted the attention of the industry. On the morning of August 21, the keynote speech "comparative analysis of low-temperature non combustion tobacco and low-temperature herbal medicine" pointed out that the low-temperature non combustion tobacco refers to the smoke bomb products that can be inhaled by the smokers by heating the non combustion equipment (such as iqos) to bake the tobacco to 250 ℃ to 330 ℃ in the morning of August 21 Burning Materia Medica (non smoke) refers to the herbal aerosol products which can be inhaled by the smokers by heating the non burning appliances (such as pnt and Wuwei boundary) to heat the herbs without tobacco ingredients to 250 ℃ to 330 ℃. The keynote speech "technical analysis of low temperature herbal products and prediction of market development trend" pointed out that the development space of low-temperature herbal medicine industry is huge. A number of low-temperature herbal products were also on display, including freem from Shenzhen Jiapin Jianyi Technology Co., Ltd. Jiapin Jianyi is a wholly owned subsidiary of Shanghai Lvxin, which is 60% and 40% owned by Shunhao and Dongfeng respectively. According to the Q & A of Shenzhen Stock Exchange, freem automatic heating non combustion atomizer and the first generation of herbal granular low-temperature atomizer have been mass produced and sold. The series of products have been sold offline since February, and have been selling well in the near future. In the future, the company will gradually launch a variety of functional low-temperature non combustion smoke bombs, such as hemp seed, ginseng, areca nut, coffee and other tea products with the same function of food and medicine in the Chinese Pharmacopoeia.

New tobacco recommendations in the near future are: atomizing smoke: smok: the world's largest atomizing equipment manufacturer; HNB billion: lithium billion (shareholding, Moore); HNB: smoke bombs - domestic supply chain: Warburg international and Warburg shares (tobacco flavor and new tobacco materials layout leading), set up friends shares (layout of new tobacco research and development and industrialization); smoking sets - domestic supply chain: Jin Jia shares (hand in hand) Yunnan Zhongyan and Xiaomi ecological chain are the main channel of new tobacco, Dongfeng shares (shares in the layout of new tobacco products), Shunhao shares (cigarette bomb and cigarette set layout in two ways), China Bolton (acquisition of international e-cigarette manufacturer Jirui); international supply chain: Yingqu Technology (iqos precision parts secondary supplier).

Risk tips: new tobacco policy changes / technology development risks, sales / enterprise development is not as expected

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