WARNING:This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

What is big smoke Electronic cigarette?


In recent two years, a kind of large smoke electronic cigarette has been popular in the electronic cigarette market. Compared with the traditional electronic cigarette, the electronic cigarette is characterized by a large amount of smoke, a large smoke sense and a large atomizer. Not to mention bigger than traditional cigarettes.

The biggest advantage of this kind of large electronic cigarette is that it has a large amount of smoke and is addictive. For the first contact with e-cigarettes, it may be a little unacceptable, because the cigarettes are very small, and it's still a little difficult to accept such a big thing at once. But who says he's hot now?

In fact, the principle of big smoke electronic smoke is similar to that of ordinary electronic smoke. The biggest difference is that the battery capacity is large, the atomizer is improved, the heating wire has better performance than before, and more cigarette oil is installed. The principle is the same. It is still powered by batteries. The atomizer heats to produce smoke.

There are many factors affecting the size of electronic smoke, not only the problem of smoke liquid.

1. Proportion of PG / VG in the smoke liquid: it must be said that the smoke liquid is indeed an important factor affecting the smoke size. (Note: PG refers to propylene glycol, glycerin refers to VG) the smoke with high VG will be large.

2. Battery voltage: under the condition of constant current and resistance, the higher the voltage is, the greater the amount of smoke is. Now the popular electronic smoke with digital display, voltage display and resistance display is on the market.

3. Resistance value of atomizing core: under the condition of constant current and voltage, the lower the resistance value is, the greater the amount of smoke is. The routine value of ego series electronic smoke is 1.6-2.5 Ω. People who use 3.0 Ω are relatively few, because the resistance is high, the amount of smoke is small, and smoking is not good. As the technology matures and the demand increases, the resistance can be lower and lower. It's a couple of ohms. You can play with the big smog, inhale it and spit it out. The steam covers people's heads.

4. Current: the amount of smoke is also related to the current. Under the condition of constant voltage and resistance, the greater the current, the greater the smoke.

5. The lung capacity of people who smoke electronic cigarettes: the difference is not very obvious when they smoke the electronic cigarettes of the ego series. Smoking high-power electronic cigarettes has a lot to do with a person's vital capacity. People with large vital capacity take a breath and the steam rolls; people with small vital capacity take a breath and the steam is a little bit.

6. Air flow: under certain conditions, the air flow is large, and the smoke is also large. Before 2014. there was no concept of air flow in the electronic cigarette industry, as long as the air was inhaled and not closed.

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