WARNING:This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

What is the biggest difference between traditional electronic cigarette and small cigarette?


Although e-cigarettes have been very popular in our life, the difference between e-cigarettes and traditional e-cigarettes is still very vague. Somefriends say that e-cigarettes contain nicotine, but don't they? What's the difference between them? How can you prove that small cigarettes are healthier

We know that the traditional electronic cigarettes used in electronic cigarette oil generally contain nicotine, nicotine content varies from 1.5mg-18mg, nicotine is usually what we call addictive substances, in addition to nicotine, the main components of common tobacco oil also include glycerol, propylene glycol, essence, etc., are these ingredients safe?

Propylene glycol is used as a dissolving medium in tobacco oil. If glycerin is too sticky, it will lead to less easily dissolving the essence. This requires increasing propylene glycol as a solvent.

Glycerol is usually purified from plant materials, and its main function is to increase the amount of smoke produced. The higher the proportion of glycerol in the cooking oil, the greater the amount of smoke generated after heating and atomizing. In cosmetics, food, chocolate and other daily products, glycerin is generally added, so glycerin has basically no adverse effects on human body. However, if the glycerin used in cigarette oil contains impurities of low purity, it may be deposited on the heating wire during heating, or enter the body with steam.

In addition to glycerol and propylene glycol, the flavors of electronic cigarettes are flavors. In general, tobacco flavor can be extracted from plants or industrial synthetic flavors. Industrial synthetic flavors are organic chemical reactions, and more uncertainty. Therefore, more electronic cigarette companies will choose to extract different flavors from plants.

Nicotine salt is a kind of stable chemical, which is often made into a one-off closed smoke bomb. Compared with nicotine, the transmission efficiency of nicotine salt in the blood is greatly improved. Therefore, the substance with higher transmission efficiency will naturally be much stronger than traditional cigarette oil. At the same time, it will stimulate the respiratory tract less. In theory, nicotine salt greatly increases the ability of small smoke to replace cigarettes.  

However, safety and health are relative. Whether nicotine salt and cigarette oil is harmful or not can not be generalized. Just like nicotine salt can bring pleasure, moderate intake can relieve emotional tension, but drinking too much water can also lead to poisoning.

If we think that the harm of e-cigarette is small, but the cigarette does not leave the hand, it will also do harm to the body. What really causes harm is the blind pursuit of pleasure, which leads to excessive psychological and physiological dependence, rather than the material itself. This is what we often call "addiction".

From big smoke to small smoke, from oil injection to bomb replacement, it is the result of technological progress and user iteration. With the development of nicotine salt technology, the taste and experience of small cigarettes have been improved. It is believed that with the progress of technology and the intervention of national supervision, small tobacco products will become a new generation of consumer choice for smokers.

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