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What is the electronic cigarette that can hold cigarettes?


Heat Not Burn

What is the electronic cigarette that can hold cigarettes? A lot of netizens asked about this, and thought about it carefully. What netizens asked should be iqos electronic cigarettes with real smoke taste. This kind of electronic cigarettes is what we call heating non burning electronic cigarettes.

What is the electronic cigarette that can hold cigarettes?

Heat Not Burn, also known as heating does not burn flue-cured tobacco.

Heating non burning cigarette is a new type of tobacco products, which has the characteristics of "heating cut tobacco or tobacco extract rather than burning cut tobacco". It heats the tobacco in the "smoke bomb" through the special heating source of the appliance, so as to volatilize the nicotine and fragrance substances in the tobacco, and generate smoke to meet the needs of smokers.

As the name suggests, the "low temperature cigarette" designed with the idea of "heating not burning" means that the cigarette (special cigarette) is heated to a certain temperature (the ordinary smoking temperature is about 300) enough to make the tobacco leaves emit flavor. Compared with the 700 ° when the traditional cigarette is smoked, the temperature is significantly lower. Therefore, the "heating not burning" is often called "low temperature not burning", and The special cigarettes which are different from ordinary cigarettes will not produce so many harmful substances when they are heated to 300 ° or so. Compared with traditional cigarettes, the harmful substances produced in the process of smoking are 90% less than traditional cigarettes, but the experience of smoking is very similar to traditional cigarettes.

The world-famous heated unburned e-cigarettes mainly include iqos of Philip morrow international, ifuse and glo of British American tobacco, lil of KT & G of South Korea. At present, iqos is the most popular. There are dozens of domestic brands Exports include Sichuan Zhongyan kuankuangzhai kungfu, Yunnan Zhongyan MC (webcco), Guangdong Zhongyan Mu +, ing, and many emerging brands.

Note: iqos in the United States, lil in South Korea, Kungfu in China (the wide and narrow series of electronic cigarettes under China tobacco) and some unknown brands of heating cigarettes are all called electronic cigarettes with cigarettes! The brands of cigarette bombs mainly include Bailemen, heets, Marlboro with iqos, Fiit with lil, wide and narrow bullet heads. The latter two brands of heating cigarette are common to all brands of cigarette bombs!

What is the electronic cigarette that can hold cigarettes? From the above point of view, what you are asking is to heat the unburned electronic cigarette. This kind of electronic cigarette is heating tobacco, so it has a real smoke taste, but tobacco is controlled by the state, so this kind of electronic cigarette is hard to buy in China.

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