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What is the market space of hemp extract CBD in China?


CBD Disposable Vape Pen

CBD Disposable Vape Pen

With the multiple effects of commercial marijuana extract CBD (DM CBD), this industry is on the air outlet.

What is the market space of hemp extract CBD in China

The market space of industrial cannabis application in China is huge

The seeds, fibers and leaves of industrial marijuana have economic value, and can be used in textile, building materials, food and beverage, personal care and other aspects. According to market research data, the global market for industrial cannabis in 2019 was about $4.506 billion.

What is the market space of hemp extract CBD in China

CBD (hemp propagation DM CBD) is cannabinoid extracted from plants such as industrial marijuana. According to data research, the global CBD market is US $1.982 billion in 2019, and the use of CBD in medical applications will continue to promote market growth.

The industry of marijuana has experienced many years of development. The breakthrough of scientific research, the continuous opening of policies and the richness of product types are the important driving forces for the development of the industry. It can be predicted that with the deepening of industrial cannabis research, more functions are found, and it has been recognized by law in more countries, product forms are welcomed by consumers, and the industry development drive is strong, and the future high-speed development can be expected.

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