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What is the meaning of three flashes of relx electronic cigarette lamp


Now every electronic cigarette on the market has an indicator light, which is convenient for users to identify. For example, the charging indicator light will be on, and how many ports of indicator light will flash after smoking. The same is true for Yueke electronic cigarette. There is an indicator light in the middle of the cigarette rod, but many users don't know what it means when the relx electronic cigarette light flashes three times. Today, the electronic cigarette information bureau answers for you.

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The reason why the relx electronic smoke indicator flashes 3 times:

1. Over force protection: the protection mechanism adopted to protect the user from choking, because the pole feels excessive suction from the outside.

2. Over power protection: when the power of unplugging the charging line is too large or the charging line is inserted or unplugged at will, the indicator light of the machine flashes three times, which is a self-protection mechanism.

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Aiming at the safety problems of electronic cigarettes with different qualities in the market, relx Yueke has built-in triple safety protection function. A water drop led breathing lamp is built in the front of the cigarette rod. When charging, it will be in constant state. When it is in short circuit protection, the breathing lamp will flash 3 times. When it is in over suction protection, the breathing lamp will flash 3 times. When it is in low voltage protection, the breathing lamp will flash 10 times. Use The user can identify according to different states of the breathing lamp.

Generally, it's about 45-60 minutes after charging. The breathing lamp behind it will extinguish itself when it's fully charged. You can unplug it when it's extinguished. Generally speaking, a full charge of electricity is enough in a day. My addiction to cigarettes is not very big. I usually smoke more than half a pack in a day. After using relx, it seems to be less than before. Generally, I come back at night to charge for an hour, and the next day is enough.

Through the above introduction, I think you all understand that taking the relx electronic cigarette lamp for three flashes is mainly to protect your safety.

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