WARNING:This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

What is the principle of smoking cessation of mini vape pen?


What is the principle of smoking cessation of mini vape pen?With the continuous development and progress of science and technology, small tobacco products once again set off an upsurge of replacing cigarettes. Since the invention of e-cigarette more than ten years ago, it became an immature "smoking cessation product". Today, with more and more excellent taste and use experience, e-cigarette has been selected by more and more smokers as the auxiliary smoking cessation product.

mini vape pen

Mini E Cigarette Pen

In fact, there is no accurate answer to the question of whether e-cigarettes can give up smoking. After all, whether or not to quit smoking depends on people, and it has a great relationship with individual willpower. However, under the research of many medical research institutions, e-cigarette can indeed be used as an auxiliary smoking cessation device, and nicotine intake through electronic cigarette can completely achieve the effect of nicotine replacement therapy.

What is the principle of smoking cessation of mini vape pen?

As for whether e-cigarette is harmful to health, many smokers who want to contact e-cigarette are worried. Experiments have proved that the harm of e-cigarette is much lower than that of paper smoke. The difference between the two can be seen only from the way of smoke generation. E-cigarette is the principle of atomization, and paper smoke is the principle of combustion. In particular, the smoke produced by e-cigarette will not contain tar, and the lung damage of users is much lower than that of paper smoke.

Therefore, from the current technical level of e-cigarettes, e-cigarettes can completely achieve the effect of assisting smoking cessation in terms of functionality, and the impact on health is far lower than that of paper cigarettes. Therefore, for many smokers who want to quit smoking, if they need a way to help them quit smoking, or if they want to change to a healthier way of nicotine intake, it will be a good choice to use a small cigarette suitable for themselves.

If the choice of e-cigarettes is only based on the assistance of smoking cessation or in order to relieve addiction, the new type of small cigarettes combined with nicotine salt oil is the best choice. The new type of small smoke can simulate the smoking resistance of paper cigarette, making it easier for users to accept electronic cigarette, and nicotine salt can meet the needs of users for nicotine. In order to be more convenient to carry, electronic cigarette can be used at any time instead of paper cigarette. Small cigarette products which are more portable and easy to use are preferred.

What is the principle of smoking cessation with small smoke electronic cigarette

At present, most of the small smoke and disposable small smoke of oil filled smoke bomb are matched with nicotine salt, nicotine salt has higher stability and easy absorption ability, which can make users take nicotine faster to achieve the effect of detoxification.

After more than ten years of development, the current e-cigarettes are no longer the products with no taste, no smoke and no addictive effect. With the performance of today's small cigarette products, the excellent taste and anti addiction effect can really help users to quit smoking or replace paper cigarettes. The extremely portable size and easy-to-use way will also make users more willing to carry electronic cigarettes with them to help quit smoking.

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