WARNING:This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

What's the reason for the first dry throat of electronic smoke? How to solve it?


In the past two years, the popularity of e-cigarette is getting higher and higher, and some old smokers have begun to try this "new type of tobacco". With the increasing number of users, some of the same problems that have a certain probability to appear in use are gradually concerned by the public. For the first time to contact the novice, smoking electronic cigarettes, dry throat is a problem many people encounter. If this situation is not solved, it is easy for users to have a bad impression on it and think that this is rubbish. It is better to go back to smoke cigarettes.

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Sealebia Disposable Vape Pen

In fact, it is normal to cause this situation. The reason for this is not that the product itself has quality problems, but that there is a scientific basis. At the same time, this situation can also be effectively solved. Don't worry too much. E-cigarettes are still the best alternative to traditional cigarettes.


This is based on the composition of electronic cigarette. The components of electronic cigarette are mainly divided into four parts: PG, VG, flavors and fragrances, nicotine.

PG and VG belong to healthy food additives. Flavors and fragrances mainly provide various flavors. Nicotine provides addiction and larynx.

What's the reason for the first time you smoke an electronic cigarette? The main reason is PG, PG is also known as vegetable glycerin. When electronic cigarette is used, smoke will be produced because of it. Water absorption is one of its characteristics. When we smoke repeatedly, it will lead to the absorption of water in the oral cavity. The more we smoke, the more we absorb. Therefore, our voice will be very dry.

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This situation is not a big problem. It is a normal phenomenon, and it is very simple to solve. At the beginning of the feeling dry mouth, drink more water can, according to the different personal constitution, generally adhere to 1-2 weeks of time will adapt. By then, if you smoke electronic cigarettes again, your voice will not be as bad as it was at first.

It is only one of the possible situations for smokers who have just given up traditional cigarettes to switch to e-cigarettes. From a large number of cases, novice smokers have a gradual adaptation process. During this period, you may feel dry throat, cough, hot throat, dizziness and so on. These are normal phenomena. As long as you persist for a period of time, you can solve the problem after your body adapts to it.

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Sealebia Disposable Vape Pen

If, in the end, really feel unable to adapt to, that can change brand electronic cigarette try. There are differences in the deployment of different brands of electronic cigarette oil. Cigarette oil with low PG content can alleviate the problem of dry voice in electronic cigarette smoking. Low nicotine content of cigarette oil can alleviate the problem of choking throat, you can try sealebia, a well-known e-cigarette. In today's e-cigarette brands abound, trying more is the most effective way to find your own.

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