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What to do if the electronic cigarette leaks oil? Not necessarily a quality problem!


What to do if the electronic cigarette leaks oil? The most commonly used oil-conducting material for electronic atomizers is oil-conducting cotton. Due to the loose gap of cotton, the atomizer will more or less leak oil when it is used. However, the oil leakage is not necessarily due to excessively loose cotton or other quality problems. Misuse during the use of the electronic cigarette will also cause the electronic cigarette to leak oil. The following will give you a detailed description of the possible causes of various types. The cause of oil leakage in electronic cigarettes.

Electronic cigarette oil spill

What to do if the electronic cigarette leaks oil?

Xiaoyan is arguably the hottest type of electronic cigarette on the market. The cigarette smoke cartridge is actually an independent electronic cigarette atomizer. Generally speaking, the liquid leakage at the bottom of the cartridge is actually the condensate generated at the position of the air inlet, which is easy to make novice users mistakenly believe that the cartridge is leaking oil. The tightness of the integrated small smoke cartridges is very good. For the refillable smoke cartridges, if the oil leakage actually occurs, it is likely that the silicone plug is not plugged or damaged.

In order to facilitate the user's oil injection operation, most of the finished atomizers on the market currently use a top oil injection structure. When this type of atomizer does not turn off the bottom air intake when filling oil, it is likely that there will be a problem of oil leakage during use. If you do n’t use it in a hurry, it is actually not recommended for users to carry out the core operation, because when the core operation is performed, it is often difficult to grasp the amount of smoke oil, resulting in oil leakage.

DIY oil storage atomizers really need skill and experience in the amount of cotton used. When the amount of cotton is too small or the cotton is too fluffy, the atomizer will leak oil. The same as the finished atomizer, as long as it is a DIY oil storage atomizer with top injection, if you forget to close the intake opening when refueling, there is a high probability of oil leakage during use.

For the drip atomizer whose structure is relatively simple, quality problems rarely occur. If oil leakage occurs, it is basically caused by excessive dripping of smoke oil or side atomizer. Of course, if the rubber ring of the oil drop atomizer causes aging damage when it is plugged in and out, a certain amount of smoke oil will also leak out at the base position of the oil drop atomizer.

Misuse during the use of e-cigarettes is also one of the biggest causes of leakage of e-cigarettes. For example, blowing air into the atomizer will also push out the smoke oil in the atomizer when the force is too large. If the atomizer for side storage is too long, it will also cause oil leakage in the atomizer. When oil leakage occurs in an electronic cigarette, it is not necessarily a quality problem of the electronic cigarette. And it is very easy to determine the cause of oil leakage, and find the cause to solve the oil leakage problem.

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