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Why do electronic cigarettes have so many flavors? How did it come out?


For consumers, the most important difference of e-cigarettes is the taste of cigarette oil. Different tastes bring different experiences to consumers. At present, there are traditional tobacco flavor, cool mint flavor, and various fruit flavors, such as mango flavor, peach flavor, orange flavor and so on.

Why do electronic cigarettes have so many flavors? How did it come out?

So how do these different tastes come out?

In fact, the process of modulating tobacco flavor and perfume is very similar. In addition to the traditional extraction process, a popular fragrance is mainly created by the proportion of different ingredients mixed by the fragrance maker.

The first is the choice of essential oil. The essential oil is also called essence. It is a liquid with fragrance from plants or animal. Many kinds of plants have natural aroma in petals and fruits. By extracting these fragrant ingredients with complex technology and purifying them, we get the most important raw material of plant flavor essential oils.

Then the mixture of essence and solvent. Essential oil is a highly concentrated mother liquor, with a very high proportion of fragrance, which needs to be blended with a specific type of solvent to make it have different levels of fragrance and texture. The good combination of essential oil and solvent can make the fragrance show or implicit, or unrestrained, or want to cover up the shame, and make the fragrance show a variety of posture.

Why do electronic cigarettes have so many flavors? How did it come out?

Experienced flavors will mix different flavors to create richer flavors. When designing fragrance, the fragrance designer will consider the pre -, middle and the tail tones of the target fragrance, and mix the essential oils from different sources, so that inexhaustible fragrance combinations can be created.

In addition to tobacco flavor, peppermint flavor and other raw materials from plant leaves, most flavors of e-cigarettes are fruit flavor types. The flavor components of fruits are familiar to consumers, and more suitable for their tastes. After a certain type of fragrance is roughly determined, it is finally carefully selected and tested by consumers to select the most impressive taste, and a product is thus produced.

90% of the world's e-cigarettes come from Shenzhen, which is the basic production process for the taste of cigarette oil

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