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Why is e-cigarette popular among teenagers?


Why is electronic cigarette popular among teenagers? According to the data released at the world No Tobacco Day youth tobacco control activity in 2019, the use rate of electronic cigarettes in the 15-24 age group in China is 1.5%, and the main way to obtain electronic cigarettes is the Internet, accounting for 45.4%. Shenzhen is the largest producer of e-cigarettes. According to the survey results, 54.0%, 33.9% and 3.8% of primary and secondary school students have heard, seen and used e-cigarettes respectively. In October 2019, notice on further protecting minors from electronic cigarettes was officially released, and all online electronic cigarettes were offline.

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Why is electronic cigarette popular among teenagers?

First of all, we should analyze the internal and external causes of this phenomenon.

The internal causes include young people's age, immature ideological cognition, rebellious thinking, being unable to solve rationally in the face of family or peer conflicts, and weak social status.

When it comes to the external causes of the popularity of e-cigarettes, we have to mention the impact of e-cigarette marketing. Through the analysis of e-cigarette retail website, marketing and promotion activities, the use of celebrity effect, cartoon image, social activities, etc. can enhance its appeal to young people, especially through social media marketing, which plays a great role in promoting the use of e-cigarettes by young people.

Electronic cigarette products, in order to attract the consumption of young people, combine the tobacco with special flavor formula to attract young people to use and even rely on it. They also conceal the adverse reactions in various electronic cigarette publicity, and even falsely report that they are harmless.

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Secondly, we should make clear the teenagers' understanding of the harm of electronic cigarettes.

In 2012, the United States carried out a survey on Teenagers' cognition of the harm of e-cigarettes. The results showed that nearly one third of minors thought that the harm of e-cigarettes was less than that of traditional cigarettes. Some e-cigarettes even claim to add vitamins or traditional Chinese medicine ingredients to the cigarette oil, advocating health preservation. However, teenagers lack the ability of shopping rationality and identifying commodity rationality, which is easily misled.

What is more likely to happen is that young people's e-cigarette users develop into dual addicts of traditional tobacco and e-cigarette. According to a survey in the United States, 12% of the nearly 2000 high school students use e-cigarettes and burning tobacco.

In the report, the World Health Organization pointed out that e-cigarettes are harmful to public health, not to mention a means of quitting smoking. It is necessary to strengthen the control of e-cigarettes, not to promote e-cigarettes to non-smokers and adolescents, and to put an end to its harm to adolescents and non-smokers.

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