WARNING:This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

How do novices choose e-cigarettes?


In recent years, electronic cigarette is more and more popular. Not only because its appearance is fashionable and simple, but also because it does not contain tar, the harm is greatly reduced. So, as a novice who has not been exposed to electronic cigarettes, how to choose an electronic cigarette?

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At present, there are two categories of e-cigarettes, one is large smoke equipment, which is only for the professional to play, and the addiction is different from cigarettes. The other is closed type small cigarettes, almost as addictive as cigarettes. No doubt for the novice, closed small smoke is the best choice for entry.

From cigarettes to e-cigarettes, we should consider the usage habits. In the closed type of small smoke, the bullet changing type of small smoke is the best. This kind of product is compact in shape, which can be shot on the fly and charged quickly. It is most suitable for the practical needs of smokers.

We have to consider the manufacturer. There are many brands of small cigarettes in China, such as Yueke, sealebia, firearms, etc., but only a few have strength. Recently, sealebia launched a new product, magic wand, which is very suitable for beginners in terms of various parameters. Most importantly, magic wand, the manufacturer of this small cigarette, is very strong.

Magic wand has a total of 16 colors, each with a unique effect, which can be said to be very cool. And the specification is 15 * 105mm, and the hand feel is light and the size is moderate. In addition, sealebia has accumulated e-cigarette technology for many years. It uses the latest research and development of sea salt nicotine technology on this small cigarette. It is the best choice for beginners to experience the addictive solution of cigarettes.

If you want to choose a product that you are not familiar with, it is right to look at the brand and the manufacturer. It's generally not recommended to start with new factories or small brands, because there are many problems after starting, and maybe the company will leave the job one day, after-sales and re purchase will be very problematic. And Baide is an old brand enterprise in the industry, with strong technology accumulation, there are no such problems.

From these points of view alone, there is not much risk in choosing sealebia's products.

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