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European e-cigarette union urges Dutch government to abandon seasoning ban plan

2021/01/19|Industry news

Recently, according to the independent European Union of electronic cigarettes (Ieva), a ban on spices recently proposed by the Netherlands will endanger public health.

Ieva points out that in Europe, about 65% of adult e-cigarette users use fruit or sweet liquid, because taste diversity is one of the most important reasons for smokers to switch to e-cigarettes and quit smoking.

However, Holland's State Secretary Paul Bloks (Paul Blokhuis) ignored this fact and announced that all electronic cigarette flavors other than tobacco flavor should be banned in Holland to prevent young people from smoking.

"This measure may have very negative consequences for public health and reducing tobacco hazards," Ieva wrote in a statement. Since only tobacco flavor is left, the threshold for smokers to re smoke will be dangerously reduced. "

Public consultation on the plan will continue until January 19, 2021. So far, most of the comments have come from users and scientists who oppose the government's plan.

Ieva said the Dutch government's plan ignored several important facts:

1. In the past five years, the number of young people who have tried e-cigarettes in Holland has decreased by a quarter.

2. In the Netherlands, only 0.2% of people aged 14-16 use e-cigarettes regularly in 2019.

3. 8% of e-cigarette users in Holland come from smoking.

Riccardo polosa, Professor of internal medicine at the University of Catania and an expert in respiratory diseases and clinical immunology, said: "removing spices does not affect the smoking rate of adolescents. But it will certainly reduce the choice of adults who seek to quit smoking permanently and find e-cigarettes effective. "

IEVA also expressed concern about the impact of the ban on the Holland flavor to the debate on the conference of the parties to the WHO Framework Convention on tobacco control scheduled to be held in Hague in November.

"Implementing the ban on condiments could have a negative impact on the meeting," warns Justin Dalman, chairman of Ieva. Instead, COP9 should focus on reducing harm through e-cigarettes, so that the number of smokers around the world can be greatly reduced

"Flavor is not the way young people use electronic cigarettes. There is no evidence of a link between taste and subsequent smoking. We call on the Dutch government to abandon this plan. There are no winners, only losers

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