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What is the impact of the ban on e-cigarette and e-mail in the United States?

2021/03/10|Industry news

In late December 2020, Congress voted to pass the law, a $2.3 trillion coronary relief and government grant bill, which includes a provision for delivering e-cigarettes from express delivery, banning the U.S. Postal Service (USPS).

What is the impact of the ban on e-cigarette and e-mail in the United States?

Under the pact act, USPS has been banned from providing cigarettes and smokeless tobacco products to consumers. The law adopted in December extended the initial definition of "cigarettes" to include electronic cigarettes containing nicotine.

Tobacco and e-cigarettes companies can use private services to deliver their products to consumers, but the pact Act requires them to register with the alcohol, tobacco, firearms and explosives administration and the state tobacco tax administrator in which the shipment is being carried out. Delivery sellers are also required to verify the age and identity of customers at the time of purchase and keep delivery sales records within four years after the sales date, which will create a huge management burden.

For the e-cigarette industry, it is important that FedEx and UPS, the most popular carriers, have recently announced that all electronic smoke products will be stopped.

"Our orders are not in place and our own stores cannot receive the inventory reliably, all of which can affect customers," said Joe Bevan, head of Celtic vapor, a member of ukvia "Since most of our businesses are currently online, we need to deliver inventory effectively to deliver the fastest service."

"Unfortunately, when many smokers are unable to access their local e-cigarette stores, it makes it harder for them to access the consumer goods they rely on," said Richard Russell, managing director of e-cigarettes distribution operations. "Some carriers may not be aware that this move could lead to smokers returning to smoking."

"The supply chain of e-cigarettes is global and brings together resources and expertise from all over the world," said John Dunn, director general of ukvia It is disappointing to see these US restrictions have a negative impact on the UK, but the nature of the supply chain makes it inevitable. In the EU, we also heard from large telecom operators who shut down the e-cigarette express service.

"The potential impact on public health is serious, because during the pandemic, many people rely on cargo delivery as a lifeline. Without the right to reduce the use of harming products properly, we know that people will switch to cigarettes - today in the United States, but perhaps tomorrow in the UK, because companies are already struggling with the blockade and our health services are under great pressure, the supply chain problem is indeed the last thing we need.

"I call on the distribution industry to do its best to support UK customers and avoid full implementation of U.S. restrictions worldwide, which has become a multi-year partner in the e-cigarette industry.

"In addition, I call on the UK government to ensure that operators in the country are free to continue to provide retailers with steam and electronic smoke products and are directly consumer oriented and resist any impulse to follow the US on this backward path."

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