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Vpr brands sued three e-cigarette companies for patent infringement

2021/03/11|Industry news

Recently, Vpr brands, a foreign e-cigarette company, has filed a lawsuit against three e-cigarettes companies, accusing them of violating the patent of its product "auto draw".

Vpr brands and intellectual property company sriplaw sued Mong, B & G Trading and lightfire holding.

The cases are in addition to lawsuits filed against three other companies in February.

It is reported that the patent of "auto draw" was granted in 2009, covering e-cigarette products including electronic airflow sensors, including sensors composed of diaphragm microphones. The sensor turns the battery on and off, and uses an air flow sensor to cover automatic extraction, button less e-cigarettes, cigars, pod equipment and vaporizers.

"Just this week, we filed three more lawsuits, bringing the total number of lawsuits to six. It is expected and possible that there will be more, because almost every company in the field of e-cigarettes has at least one product using the patent 'Auto draw'," Kevin frija, chief executive of Vpr brands, said in a statement. We will actively pursue every company that infringes our patent rights, no matter how small or big they are. "

This follows three lawsuits in February against Jupiter research, cool clouds distribution and XL vape.

"We want to ensure that the patents of Vpr brands (valid until 2030) are enforced and that our intellectual property rights are protected," frija said

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