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Bao's first HNB brand experience store in China officially opened

2021/03/19|Industry news

Following Mok Wuhan flagship store, kuannarrow Kung Fu Chengdu and Nanjing experience store, and then to collection stores such as Bencao Cloud Collection and fog Topia, domestic offline channels of heating non combustion (HNB) have been quietly opened.

Recently, another member of the HNB off-line track has been added.

The first brand experience store of "Bao" brand of heating non combustion brand opened and appeared in the North Street shop in Jinyi City, Central Plains District, Zhengzhou, Henan Province. This also indicates that the layout of the market of Bao is playing a trumpet in the domestic offline market.

It is reported that the second store of Bao is expected to open in Shijiazhuang in early April, and will also enter other cities to open brand experience stores.

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The form and location of HNB brand experience store?

The editor contacted the head of the market of Bao S. he said: the experience store is an important part of the offline layout strategy of Bao s. It promotes the concept of heating non combustion in the way of experience store, so that users have a clearer understanding of the industry, more confidence in heating non combustion products, and reach deep communication with users, while increasing fans' stickiness. In addition to the offline layout with the company as the main body, Bao also engages in the national regional investment and joining.

Although the recognition rate of HNB products in domestic market is low, the market potential of HNB products is huge from the development process and conversion rate of overseas markets such as Japan, South Korea, Europe and America. Under the influence of the epidemic in 2020, private enterprises have entered the low temperature grass track. Iqos is the benchmark for product development, and the sales channel is focused on micro business. Therefore, consumers are also the groups who contacted iqos in the early stage. From the perspective of Chinese tobacco market and policy, HNB products in the mainstream sense must be included in monopoly, but only time. In order to achieve long-term development in HNB track in China market, private enterprises must first seek the direction of segmentation from the perspective of product positioning; secondly, as a new technology product, HNB needs time to cultivate consumption habits, and it is particularly important for consumers to directly contact experience, so offline channel development is essential.

He mentioned that in 2021, the company will adhere to two development strategies of hnb+: one is to B hnb+, namely HNB supporting technical services for major customers; the other is hnb+, which is the independent brand located in the direction of hnb+ health.

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What is the base of the national experience store plan?

Bao (GEM) is an independent brand of "hnb+ herb + Nicotine" under Yunnan krypton Platinum Technology Co., Ltd. Yunnan krypton Platinum Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in September, 2018. It is a double cycle technology enterprise which is based on new tobacco materials and applied research on hnb+, and provides technical services and products to b-end customers and C-end consumer market. The company adheres to the development concept of innovative healthy lifestyle, and hopes to build a technology and product system of "hnb+" through the deep application and development of low temperature heating and non combustion technology.

It is worth mentioning that Yunnan krypton Platinum Technology Co., Ltd. is a technological innovation platform established on the basis of China Baolong natural perfume company. The core team members are from Beijing University, China pulp and paper research institute, Adelphi University and other well-known universities at home and abroad, and have many years of traditional tobacco industry experience, which laid a solid foundation for the green innovation and development of "hnb+".

"It is only the first step to open brand experience store, and will continue to expand in the future, expand the distribution of domestic and overseas markets, create a larger HNB experience space matrix, and bring new life experience of smokeless health for consumers." The head of the market for the Bao's said.

Some industry insiders said: attention to the news of the opening of the Bao, surprise but also admire the charm of the brand. From the perspective of the company strength of the brand, it is not a problem to seize the market.

In the opinion of the small editor, the courage to open brand experience store proves that the technology and product quality of the enterprise are too strong; on the other hand, it reduces the experience threshold and purchase cost of consumers, and helps to improve the competitiveness and communication power of their own brands and promote the sustainable development of the brand. With the increase of consumption and living standard, the health demand is enhanced, and the heating and non combustion industry is undoubtedly a huge incremental market. State owned enterprises and private enterprises are all distributed, and domestic heating and non combustion industries are moving forward

From 2021, the domestic HNB offline market competition will be fierce, and it is necessary to seize the market.

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