WARNING:This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Bat South Africa opens its first VUSE store in Cape Town

2021/03/31|Industry news

According to foreign reports, Batsa has opened the first VUSE inspiration store in South Africa at canal walk shopping center in Cape Town.

VUSE inspiration stores will open in 67 existing locations throughout South Africa.

'To date, we have made extensive investments in incorporating twisp into Batsa's product portfolio and we plan to further invest in tobacco harm reduction strategies in South Africa, 'said Johnny Moloto, general manager of Batsa, in a statement. We will expand the number of kiosks, invest in bringing our new products to market, and improve the skills of our bat team.

As part of the major spending program, 15 new sites will be added in key locations by December.

'we opened our first flagship store, VUSE inspiration, in South Africa, which is an important milestone in achieving our harm reduction strategy and investing in science and innovation to demonstrate our potential to expand our product portfolio,' Moloto said.

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