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Connecticut considers banning flavored cigarettes and e-cigarettes

2021/04/06|Industry news

The Connecticut convention will consider a bill to ban the sale of oriental tobacco and e-cigarettes, vapingpost reported.

Connecticut considers banning flavored cigarettes and e-cigarettes

S.B. 326 will ban spice products from October 1. The bill received a 25-to-8 vote on the Connecticut Senate Public Health Committee earlier this month and is scheduled for another hearing this week.

If passed, Connecticut, along with California and Massachusetts, will be the only state to ban the sale of spice tobacco products. However, the two states have some exemptions when seasoning products can be sold under certain circumstances, which S.B. 326 does not have.

S. B.326 will impose a fine of $300 for the first violation, $750 for the second violation, $1000 for the third violation, at least 30 days' license revocation for the third violation, and a license revocation for the fourth violation.

Other bills introduced by Connecticut lawmakers at the Convention earlier this year include a ban on the sale of nicotine products in pharmacies and within five miles of schools. Some of the proposed amendments also include a total ban on refillable e-cigarettes and other e-cigarette products.

Some towns in New York State, including New York City and Albany County, have implemented similar bans, and tobacco products were voluntarily removed from CVS pharmacies in 2014. Moreover, in 2019, it was said that similar legislation would pass through the Capitol, which would ban the sale of e-cigarettes in pharmacies.

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