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American e-cigarette Association: e-cigarette product mailing ban will cause small retailers to close down

2021/04/12|Industry news

According to foreign reports, the ban on the online sale of electronic cigarettes to children act (PACT) and its transportation problems have forced many companies to stop all online sales in the United States, and other companies will also be forced to close down.

American e-cigarette Association: e-cigarette product mailing ban will cause small retailers to close down

Chris Innes, the owner of high-tech vaping in Houston, Texas, announced that he would close his shop because of the Convention act and the FDA's strict pre marketing tobacco product application (PMTA) requirements.

An e-cigarette store in Los Angeles also said it would close its stores eight years after helping smokers change their smoking habits because of the bill.

Security, the parent company of durasmooke, announced a merger with vapindirect to keep its business; logic closed all online sales on March 16; Baiyun e-cigarette said it closed all online sales in the United States on March 26.

Gregory Conley, President of the American e-cigarette Association, said: "if the increase in transportation costs is not enough, this bill will also impose a huge burden on small retailers, backed by the threat of imprisonment for even innocent mistakes. This is not a law aimed at regulating the sale of e-cigarettes to adults by mail order, but an attempt to eliminate this phenomenon. "

With effect from March 28, 2021, all recipients of e-cigarettes purchased online will be required by law to show their ID cards and sign their names at the time of delivery. The U.S. post office's ban on mailing e-cigarette products will take effect on April 27, 2021. After this date, customers will no longer be able to receive e-cigarettes through USPS delivery.

The convention law stipulates that private shipping companies will no longer provide e-cigarette product transportation services, which is strict with e-commerce. "With effect from April 5, 2021, ups will not ship e-cigarette products to, from or within the United States because of the increased complexity of transporting these products," ups spokesman Matthew O'Connor said in a statement.

FedEx will no longer accept e-cigarettes from March 1, 2021. DHL has previously banned the transportation of all nicotine containing products and has now stopped the transportation of all cannabis steam products.

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