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UK health service will provide free e-cigarette equipment

2021/05/07|Industry news

As part of a pilot project led by the University of East Anglia, the NHS will provide e-cigarette equipment and e-cigarette oil to smokers visiting the emergency departments of five British hospitals to help them quit smoking.

Patients in the emergency departments of five hospitals in Norfolk, London, Leicester and Edinburgh will be given a device, enough electronic cigarette oil for a week, recommendation of local smoking cessation services and medical advice.

Compared with those participants who only provided leaflets with details of local smoking cessation services in the same trial, the researchers will track those who used e-cigarettes over a period of 30 months at intervals of one month, three months and six months to monitor their smoking cessation success rate.

"I welcome the launch of this trial and other studies and hope that it will make it easier for people to quit smoking in the future." Norman lamb, a former health minister and former chairman of the science and Technology Committee of the house of Commons, said.

"In view of the high smoking rate, I particularly want to make sure that people with mental illness can also use e-cigarettes. Such important trials, including clinical trials, funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIHR), are very positive. I'm very interested in waiting for the results. "

Ukvia called the NHS decision a milestone“ This is a very important moment in the history of e-cigarettes, "said John Dunne, head of ukvia.

"After years of research and activities, the NHS has finally begun to fully accept e-cigarettes and recognize their important role as the number one smoking cessation method."

Dunn once again called on the government to give e-cigarettes more opportunities to promote as a substitute for smoking when reviewing the tobacco related products regulations in May, so as to reduce the harm.

"Using the government's recognition of our ideas, the health promotion of e-cigarette product experts to encourage the remaining six to seven million smokers to switch in the UK, and to ensure that the e-cigarette industry has greater opportunities to communicate with smokers through marketing and advertising, as current restrictions prevent those who might otherwise switch."

"In order to support successful smoking cessation, it is very important for hospital staff to have knowledge about e-cigarettes, including which equipment to use, nicotine level and which flavor to choose."

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