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The United Arab Emirates disposable e-cigarette retailer calls for more industry support

2021/06/28|Industry news

According to foreign reports, a leading steam retailer in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) said that the industry must take more measures to support the government's official efforts aimed at preventing counterfeit and unregulated e-cigarette trade and preventing sales to minors.

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According to the mandatory regulations formulated by the United Arab Emirates standardization and Metrology authority (Esma), the sale of e-cigarettes, e-cigarette equipment and e-liquids has been legal in the United Arab Emirates since April 2019.

But my vapery, one of the most famous e-cigarette retailers in the UAE, said dealers should work together to support official efforts to prevent potential health threats and keep e-cigarettes away from people under 21. The company hopes to work with the organizers of the first world e-cigarette show in Dubai in September to help the industry adjust itself and improve public health by using e-cigarettes as a less harmful alternative to smoking.

'as retailers, we all need to pay more attention to supporting Esma and the police in their efforts to prevent the random flow of counterfeit and unregulated e-cigarette products that may pose a health threat,' said atif Amin, the company's marketing manager. It is crucial that we work closely to prevent e-cigarettes from being sold to underage consumers. The arrival of Dubai's new industry platform provides us with an excellent opportunity to educate the industry on the standards needed to provide greater consumer protection.

The world e-cigarette fair was held in Dubai World Trade Center (DWTC) from September 19 to 21, connecting manufacturers, retailers, public health professionals and e-cigarette enthusiasts from all over the world. The joint exhibition and conference will showcase new e-cigarette technologies and a range of regulated products currently meeting the demand for safer alternatives to traditional cigarettes.

Jake Nixon, world vape show event manager at quartz business media, said it was encouraging to see a leading retailer take the initiative to set standards for the industry in this way and create a key area for discussion at the event. The exhibition is an important platform for the industry to analyze itself and the major problems it faces, and to educate manufacturers, retailers and e-cigarette users about the importance of safety and the need to strengthen regulation and more research to protect consumers.

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