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The vast majority of Scots oppose stricter e-cigarette regulations

2021/08/09|Industry news

According to the data compiled by SGF, only 24% agreed that access to products or information about products should be restricted. In addition, almost half of the respondents expressed opposition.

24% said they strongly disagreed, and another 24% said they tended to disagree.

The organization said that local policy makers and health experts need to consider these opinions to ensure that e-cigarettes are in the right place to help Scotland achieve its smoke-free goal.

In 2017, the Scottish government announced that it was developing a tobacco plan to achieve smoke-free by 2034. At that time, the University of Edinburgh and NHS health Scotland conducted a survey to determine whether efforts to reduce smoking were effective. This shows that although local tobacco control strategies are working, smoking remains a problem in low-income communities.

Dr. Garth Reid, chief public health consultant of NHS health Scotland, said: the evidence shows the positive impact of tobacco policy, from banning the display of tobacco in small stores and supermarkets to introducing smoke-free NHS venues.

"However, smoking levels remain highest in the poorest areas of Scotland, with 35 per cent of people living in the poorest areas smoking, compared with 10 per cent in the richest areas. It is clear that if the goal of making Scotland smoke-free by 2034 is to be achieved, further action must be taken to reduce the inequality of smoking. " He added.

Meanwhile, a Scottish government spokesman said the situation was improving. According to the recent Scottish health survey, the smoking rate was at an all-time low in 2020 and continues to decline. We are still committed to and confident in achieving the goal of 2034.

"Quitting smoking at any time is one of the best things you can do for your health. The Scottish Government recommends that existing smokers who wish to quit smoking should be supported by the NHS free smoking cessation service, which has been operating during the new crown pandemic. "

"We are committed to public consultation on the advertising and promotion of nicotine vapor products (NVP). Although we believe that these are effective tools for some people to quit smoking, children, young people or non-smokers should not use NVP because nicotine is very addictive. "

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