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CBD removed from control list in South Africa

2020/06/17|Industry news

Since the United States legalized industrial marijuana in December 2018, there has been a booming CBD industry in the U.S. market. CBD (cannabis diphenol), as a potential health-friendly industrial hemp extract, is popular all over the world. There is a boom in CBD production and sales in many countries and regions.

THC and CBD are two main cannabinoids in marijuana. Thc is the hallucinogenic component of marijuana. CBD not only can not cause hallucinogenic addiction, but also can inhibit the hallucinogenic addiction of THC, and it has high medical value.

According to the British Journal of clinical pharmacology, the use of cannabis bisphenol CBD in medical treatment can relieve anxiety, relieve pain, reduce the risk of diabetes and cardiovascular disease, and create the ability to adapt to trauma, as well as reduce the symptoms of vomiting and nausea.

CBD removed from control list in South Africa

However, as a new thing, especially from the more sensitive industrial marijuana, the laws and regulations of many countries have not yet lifted the ban on the industrial marijuana extract products. However, from the industry information in recent months, we found that Australia and Europe have been seriously discussing the lifting of the CBD ban, while South Africa has officially announced the removal of CBD products from the control list.

South Africa

Permanently remove some CBD products from the control list

South Africa has amended its drug law to allow certain CBD products to be sold at drugstore counters, thus making the Interim Provisions for over-the-counter CBD permanent. Some CBD drugs and full spectrum cannabis derivatives will no longer be under medical control, according to a notice in the official gazette released last month.

The Minister of health, following the recommendations of the South African health products regulatory organization sahpra, has taken this action and is applicable to:

CBD drugs marketed for public health or "symptom relief" contain up to 600 mg of cannabis bisphenol, with a maximum daily dose of 20 mg of cannabis bisphenol.

The edible products from raw biomass contain less than 0.0075% cannabinoids, and only natural cannabinoids are found in raw biomass.

Before May 2019, all marijuana containing products in South Africa are subject to the drugs and related substances act of 1965, which stipulates that drugs containing CBD, THC or both cannabinoids need prescriptions, and the production and sale of CBD are illegal in most cases.

In May 2019, Aaron Motsoaledi, South Africa's minister of health, signed new legislation to allow the sale and distribution of low-dose CBD products to the South African public, with a maximum daily dose of 20 mg of CBD for cannabinoids for non serious health problems. This law will come into force from the date of signing. It is valid for 12 months. It expires last month and becomes permanent.

CBD removed from control list in South Africa

South African Minister of health signs new legislation on CBD in 2019

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