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Researchers say marijuana can prevent and treat covid-19

2020/06/12|Industry news

From www.mirror.co.uk According to the novel coronavirus, researchers found that they can use cannabis strains to help prevent and treat COVID-19's new coronavirus disease.

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In response, scientists at the University of lesbridge say they have found that the use of cannabis strains can help prevent and treat covid-19. The researchers also said the strains appeared to affect the virus's ACE2 pathway to the human body. According to one of the researchers, marijuana can reduce the number of viruses entering the human body by 70%, so there is more chance to fight against the virus. It is said that few drugs can reduce infection by 70% to 80%.

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However, some experts warn that smoking marijuana may also increase the risk of contracting the coronavirus.

The researchers also acknowledge that more research is needed, but they still believe that preventive treatment in the form of mouthwashes and throat rinses is possible. Although further large-scale tests are needed to verify the extract, their research is crucial for the future analysis of the impact of medical marijuana on the prevention and treatment of covid-19.

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