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Smoore international issues 574 million shares and expects to be listed on July 10

2020/07/01|Industry news

The company issued 574 million shares from June 29 to July 3, including 88% international offering, 12% public offering and no more than 15% over allotment. The issue price per share is between HK $9.6 and HK $12.4 (the same below). 1000 shares per hand, expected to be listed on July 10.

Smoore international listed

The company provides atomization technology solutions. From 2016 to 2019, the company's revenue was RMB 707 million, RMB 1565 million, RMB 3.43 billion and RMB 7.6 billion respectively.

The net income is 6.052 billion yuan (calculated by the median issue price), 50% of which will increase the production capacity of the company; 25% will implement automatic production and assembly line in the new production base, upgrade the company's group level ERP system and upgrade the company's existing factories; 20% will invest in R & D; 5% will be allocated to the company's operation funds and other general enterprise purposes.

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